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Mixnode: Turn the web into a database

by srcmax & 1 other
A fast, flexible and massively scalable platform to extract and analyze data from the web.

The Web's Largest Community Tracking Online Fraud & Abuse | Project Honey Pot

by srcmax
Project Honey Pot is the first and only distributed system for identifying spammers and the spambots they use to scrape addresses from your website. Using the Project Honey Pot system you can install addresses that are custom-tagged to the time and IP address of a visitor to your site. If one of these addresses begins receiving email we not only can tell that the messages are spam, but also the exact moment when the address was harvested and the IP address that gathered it.


6 things I learned creating my own Messenger chatbot • Chatbots • Kilian Valkhof

by Spone
The modern messaging tools that chatbots run on offer much more ways to interact compared to what previous incarnations of chatbots had, such as those used on IRC or AIM. Much advise on building chatbots that’s out there quietly assumes that all chatbots are just text-in-text-out, which doesn’t match with the platforms they are on. I recently built a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, and these are six things I learned from using other bots in research, building the bot and watching people interact with it.

Hellobot, ton coach personnel avant, pendant et après les élections

by srcmax
Bonjour ! Je suis Hellobot, ton coach personnel pour les élections. Via Facebook Messenger, je réponds à toutes les questions que tu te poses sur les élections et ton rôle de citoyen.


GitHub - xuv/NYTdiff: Code for the twitter bot nyt_diff & lesoir_diff

by srcmax
Based on @j-e-d's code for the twitter bot @nyt_diff. RSS feed fetching added for @xuv's twitter bot @lesoir_diff

Abot - Build your own digital assistant

by Spone
Digital assistants are huge, complex pieces of software. Abot makes it easy and fun to build your own digital assistant, and we include everything you need to get started.





by Spone
GitHub, Inc., wrote the first version of Hubot to automate our company chat room. Hubot knew how to deploy the site, automate a lot of tasks, and be a source of fun in the company. Eventually he grew to become a formidable force in GitHub. But he led a private, messy life. So we rewrote him.


Bouncer - znarf's Bouncer at master - GitHub

by Xavier Lacot
Bouncer is a real time statistics and security engine written in PHP5. It analyses the browser or bot version, and detects eventual bad behaviors in order to prevent spam.

skipfish - Project Hosting on Google Code

by Xavier Lacot
A fully automated, active web application security reconnaissance tool. It creates a html reports which might prove useful for detecting security flaws or conception problems.


Qui a la plus grosse quéquette sur Twitter ?

by nhoizey
"Rien de nouveau sur Internet. Les geeks s’amusent. Certains en font un business pour allumer les gogos. C’est la vie."

Launch Your Own Twitter Bot (PHP, Python, Ruby) - Addicted To 1’s and 0’s

by parmentierf
In this post I’ll provide you with all the tools, source code and know-how to be able to build and launch your own twitter bot, and i’ll even give you resources to do it in the programming language of your choice.

Patrocle, le bot parlant

by parmentierf
Puisqu'Achille n'est plus tout à fait Achille, je l'ai rebaptisé Patrocle. Dans l'Illiade, Patrocle est le meilleur ami d'Achille. Et puis cela colle bien avec la filiation d'Achille puisque François Parmentier a aussi écrit un nouveau bot appelé Ector.


by parmentierf
Autodesk® Face Robot® is a combined technology and service solution for rigging and animating 3D faces easily. It enables studios to create life-like facial animation at incredible speeds. Using Face Robot, animators are free to concentrate on emotion, expression and delivering unforgettable performances.

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