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A Time for Survival

by axlarry (via)
Survive for the allotted time using your mouse and shrinking ability. Buy upgrades if you fail and try again.

RG Racer 3D Racing Game

by axlarry & 1 other (via)
New addicting racing game! Play single race or one on one competition in this 3d racing game.

X Rider - BMX Games

by axlarry (via)
Spectacular bmx half-pipe game where you can practice your biking skills. You can also participate in the competition against other players world wide. You have 120 seconds to perform as many stunts you can. So get ready!!


Burning Wheels - Racing Game

by axlarry (via)
An addictive 3d car racing game! Full of upgrades, awesome graphics, and an innovative weather system. Win races, upgrade your car and buy up to 8 stunning cars.


NHOINK - The best way to find new websites

by nhoink
The latest craze hitting the web surfing community is NHOINK! NHOINK's huge database of websites under the following categories: games | funnyPictures | media | funky | humour will keep you entertained for hours! No need to register. Just go to, and press the NHOINK button to get a funky random page from the NHOINK database.


by nadipity & 5 others
Random stuff, blog style


by nadrosis
when there is nothing to watch on tv

Top 10 Bored Cities on The Internet

by jimmyjimjim
The top 10 bored cities on the Internet via Google Trends

Thousands of New Entertainment Media Links Daily

by Gutspiller
Pulls thousands of links from hundreds of sites every hour. The site literally has thousands of links added every day.


by Blinsen
Seleccion de enlaces curiososo y de humor para cuando estas aburrido


Shave Your Yeti

by Sarcomical
oh dear god, people. you have to do this. do it and then watch what happens when you're done. you can thank me for wasting your valuable time later.

Great things to do when bored

by delrond
When i get a little bored i go to this site, quite a few funny games. Carling is my favourite beer and so i enjoy spending time just browsing the site.

Stuff n Things

by steviehype
This site has all the useless, stupid and funny crap one seems to come across on travels of the internet. Yes, thats right, Its another useless website full of little titbits, but that can be fun when your bored right?


by Sarcomical & 2 others
argh. frustration. items are dropped into the water and you have to balance them on the hooks. don't understand? well, try it.

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