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Bmw Club Türkiye

by feverinlove
Türkiye 'deki BMW ve MINI kullanıcılarını bir araya getiren tek site. BMW Sohbet, BMW Teknik Destek, BMW Resim ve Video Galerisi, BMW Haber ve Yenilikler, BMW MotorSpor, BMW Buluşmaları


【Driving Future】学研の自動車専門サイト - 次世代モデル誕生への布石か? ミニ コンバーチブル

by kuroyagi

BMW Japan Website

by kuroyagi
The All New BMW 120i Cabriolet

The right formula - Taking driving into the classroom

by irols (via)
Welcome to "The right formula - Taking driving into the classroom", a curriculum-based educational resource for 12-16 year olds, angled towards Citizenship and PSHE/PSD but also covering English, Science, Design & Technology and Maths.

BMW Welt : le monde selon BMW

by irols
Construit par l’agence viennoise Coop Himmelb(l)au, le BMW Welt est un édifice où l’audace architecturale est au service des valeurs de la marque : vitesse, dynamisme, élégance.


BMW Z3 Coupé M

by kooolman
"Prix: 27 900 €, Moteur: Essence, Année: 1999 (15/05/1999), kilométrage: 70000 Km"

Comité français pour l'environnement et le développement durable - Comité 21

by irols & 2 others
Le Comité 21 – Comité français pour l’environnement et le développement durable est né en 1995 pour faire vivre en France l’Agenda 21 – programme d’actions pour le 21e siècle, ratifié au Sommet de la Terre de Rio. L’Agenda 21 appelle la communauté internationale à prendre part aux mutations qui s’imposent pour préserver la planète et construire un développement plus responsable, plus équitable, plus humain, à concevoir ensemble un développement durable…

2008 BMW M3 Coupe

by twentybmx (via)
BMW M3 become from the conveyor.The new improvements,more powerful engine and a beautiful body.Look photos!

Bmw's Car Multimedia Center (Wi-Fi 20GB)

by l3fff (via)
Now BMW claims to have taken a further lead among car OEMs with the development of a multimedia content delivery system that streams video and music via cellular or Wi-Fi connections to a car's console. The system allows you to select video or sound files on your PC's hard drive, which you can then transfer wirelessly to the BMW's 20-GB console.

Video: BMW M3 Turbo 600rwhp (750bhp)

by l3fff
Our Record Breaking HPF 750 turbo kit is available (beginning March 2007) to the public that makes a staggering 750bhp (600rwhp @ 11psi). This kit provides a reliable and daily driveable 420bhp increase in power through the stock engine and stock exhaust. Our kit provides 3 times the power gain of most supercharger kits sold today. This kit comes pre-configured with two power settings. A pump gas (500rwhp - 625bhp @ 5.5psi) map is the basic setting designed to run on 91 octane fuel or better. A keyed race fuel switch is provided that when activated and race fuel (110 octane or better) is in the tank a heart pounding 750bhp is laid to the ground.


We are exporting a Japanese & European Used Cars to all over the world since 1989

BMW in Tampa

by bl100bec
News, Pictures and more. Tampa BMW.

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