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December 2006

handkasteel<i> handcastle</i>

by Gérard Delisle (via)
children who want to have their hand on this site, can send a picture. here you can read what to do: 1. draw or write on the back of your hand with ballpoint or magic marker. (no facepaint) you can use your whole arm, but there should be something on your hand. or on both of your hands. oh, drawing on feet is allowed too. if you're in company you can also draw on each other. grown ups are not allowed to help drawing. they are allowed to take the pictures, though. 2. take a couple of pictures with a digital camera. take a few different ones - closer, further away, zoomed in or out, one or two hands. you can also take pictures of a few kids together. if possible, no flash! make sure they are focused, otherwise they won't be put up. 3. save the images as .jpg files of maximal 2MB each. the more pixels the better - i will make sure they get the right size for the website. 4. send 2 or 3 pictures from each kid to eti, the maker of the handcastle!

November 2006

Yulzine ■ Montréal (Québec)

by Gérard Delisle (via)
Yulzine est un projet de collaboration initié par les membres de Yulblog.

Le Blog Photo

by Gérard Delisle (via)
Bleu : c'est le nouveau thème de notre blog photo. Rassemblez le maximum d'objets bleus que vous trouverez chez vous, prenez-les en photo et faites-en une mosaïque avant de l'envoyer à [email protected] !?!?/Gé

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October 2005

The BOBs

by Daniele
Le portail internet de la Deutsche Welle, organise un concours international de weblogs. 13 prix seront remis, ainsi qu'un prix du public.

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