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What about ? « bmPress forums

by srcmax

bmPress and are separate projects.

You can see bmPress as a personal edition of that you can run where you like and customise. Plus, bmPress is open source so everyone can enhance it.

The two projects can interact, for example we have plan to release bmPress synchronisation tools with, and other services.

I can guarantee will continue to run for some years ;-)


Netvibes : About

by srcmax

François Hodierne

Chief Architect

François joined netvibes in early 2006. He leads the technical team and has a special interest in web services and widget APIs. He has a licence from Les Gobelins.

Previously he was the Technical Director at a web agency and was involved in the project.

A passionate for social media and web 2.0 technolgies, Francois also founded Hotlinks & in 2004, two social bookmarking services.


by srcmax & 1 other

Malheureusement, je ne me souviens pas de cette feature. Sinon y'a une fournée qui se prépare, c'est le moment de se plaindre !

Le guichet des réclmations, c'est par là !

2006 :: Articles :: Review of ten popular social bookmarking services

by srcmax (via)
Thanks for informing me of the new Blogmarks version: it definitely looks much better than the previous one. I won’t update the article yet, but at least I’ll hopefully find the time to link it to an “integrative” blog post reviewing the new site.

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