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November 2006

October 2006

Can social bookmarking sites be used as a well of attention data? ⁄ 202: Accepted ⁄ Artific Industries

by srcmax & 1 other (via)
So the problem for today's post is this: is it possible to extract data about a URL from a social bookmarking site? If it is possible, is the data of any actual use? Bonus points for being able to extract data using an API or feed without requiring authentication or site registration.

Captive Bookmarks » Solo Technology

by srcmax
Blogmarks was able to import my BlinkList export. Had a few false starts last night (site was very unstable, I’m guessing I was trying this during a maintenance window).

Veille Perso - Toolbox

by srcmax & 5 others (via)
Blogmarks already include the ability to import blinklist backup, but when I did tried it, some data from blinklist where missing so I built my own converter to be sure to don't loose anything stored in blinklist

August 2006

One Year Anniversary Review: Social Bookmarking Boom « Lorelle on WordPress

by sbrothier & 2 others
> Rumors are that some social bookmarking services are starting to charge for “top of the rank” placement in a “featured” location.

December 2005

June 2005

by .rico
est-ce une bonne estimation ?

March 2005 API

by .rico & 5 others
"We're proud to announce the first release of our API. It's an implementation of the Atom API so i'ts pure HTTP + XML. In fact, Building an Atom enabled linkblog service was the first motivation in the project."

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