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18 July 2006

WPP in Venture with Social-Networking Service LiveWorld

by bluexmass
WPP and social-networking service LiveWorld have formed a joint venture to provide online community and social networking services - blogs, buddy lists, message boards, chat rooms and community sites - to major brands worldwide through WPP's global networ

How to Advertise on Social Networking Sites

by bluexmass
If I know that my buddy is on the market for a new car, I'll think there's a better chance he'd appreciate a Toyota ad more than a random punch-the-monkey banner.

17 July 2006

Strategic Commenting: No blog is an island

by bluexmass
Find the blogs your audience are already reading. Read the posts and comments for a while so you become familiar with the conversation already in progress. Respect the venue and the people already there. Spot your opportunity. Write a posting in response

PRWeb Tags it Up

by bluexmass
In addition to facilitating the development of a tag space unique to the public relations community, PRWeb is making it easier for users to generate tags for Technorati.

BtoC Search Marketing Tactics

by bluexmass
Pay per click; Site optimization; Optimized press releases; Blog marketing; Paid inclusion and shopping feeds; Cross promotion and integration; Email promotions (Augmented with RSS feed); Affiliate programs

16 July 2006

BlogAds Says 'Design Our Logo, Please'

by bluexmass
Rather than hire a design firm, BlogAds turned to bloggers to submit new logo designs, offering $1,000 for the winning design and $300 to the blogger whose post either referred or inspired the winner.

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