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May 2007

April 2007

Ingenious Iranian PR and Diplomacy - Releasing British Sailors as "Easter Gift"

by trnscndr
In one fell-swoop today Iran and their seemingly Napoleonic leader, Ahmadinejad, made everyone in the world further consider the possibility that Bush and Co. are all smoke when it comes to their portrayal of Iran as "warmongering" or set on anything other than than defending itself against proven aggressors. They announced plans to release British POW's as an "Easter" gift. What a coup for these witty Persians. With smiling faces on their captives they presented themselves as fair and appropriately deliberative, if not gracious.

January 2007

Blair Castle Sculptural Gargoyle Bench

by mayble86
Blair Castle Sculptural Gargoyle Bench - may have been a small castle ) which when I turned around offered me this breathtaking GARFIELD GARFUNKEL GARGANTUAN GARGLE GARGOYLE GARIBALDI GARISH GARLAND SCSI SCUBA SCUFF SCUFFLE SCULPT SCULPTOR SCULPTURAL SCUL

Iraq: House of Commons Hansard Debates for 24 Jan 2007

by Mal Burns (via)
This is the transcript of last week's Commons debate on Iraq - the first one it's had and also one the Prime Preacher himself refused to attend. Luckily, the bucket was on hand to stand up for government follies. When going to this link don't think I've got it wrong. There's a brief bit on waterways and such before the debate starts around two paragraphs down. It then continues by going to "next section" - the expression "page" not seemingly known in the parliamentary language. Suffer it - you need the information!

December 2006

90,000 children will be homeless in London this holiday

by Mal Burns (via)
Dramatic figures and cause for concern. This is in Blair's Britain!

Blair promotes Turkish EU membership

by Mal Burns (via)
Talking of turkeys, the prime preacher coninues to run around trying to do all the things he didn't get around to furing the last decade. Europe made it pretty clear this week that Turkey's entry to the EU would be put on hold a while, so once again Blair is pissing against the wind. More alarming still is that he appears desparate to go down in history trying to settle the problem with the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Bad enough that it is far too late in his premiership for him to make any real impact. Worse still that his hasty and superficial meddling could just make matters worse for the credibility of his sucessors.

March 2006

February 2006

Dozy Sycophant: Dave on Ms Armstrong

by mikepower
The question I want answered is: why can’t Blair sack some people — Peter Mandelson, Keith Vaz, Hilary Armstrong? They’re among the foulest turds ever to disgrace the Houses of Parliament, besides being utterly hopeless.

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