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Gifts for photographers

by flakki
Gift suggestions for photographers tired of getting giftcards as gifts


Cinq ans de Firefox

by fabifab (via)
Cinq ans, c'est une durée énorme pour Internet ! Célebrons ensemble ces cinq ans de collaboration à un Web meilleur pour tous.


Electronic Birthday Cards

by norequest
When a friend or family member has a birthday coming up what do you do? You go to the local grocery store to find a birthday card? Finding an appropriate card this way can be nearly impossible sometimes. Electronic birthday cards are a wonderful solution.

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by anthony341 (via)
Om shree Ganeshaya Namah,Pandugalu,Telugu festivals,Ganesh Chaturthi 2009,Ganesh chaturthi gifts, vinayaka chaturthi gifts, send gifts on ganesha chaturthi,Send Flowers & gifts for Same Day Delivery (Express Delivery) to Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad,Vinayaka Chavithi 2009,Ganesh Chaturthi puja vidhanam,Vinayaka Chavithi Pooja songs gift, Vinayaka,Chavithi Katha (Story), Ganesh Chaturthi puja. Includes Vinayaka Chavithi Greetings, Vinayaka Chaturthi gift idols,Ganapathi,Puja Audio and more.Let's Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi by sending Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts to your loved ones at Hyderabadbazaar.

- Celebrations and Holidays

by ycc2106
We'll help you put together the perfect kids birthday party everyone will love.

django-master-class.014.png 800×600 pixels

by marco
Go Go Go Go shorty, it's ya birthday, we gona party like its ya birthday


10th Birthday

by oqdbpo & 1 other
Want to change the world? We do too. We're looking for big ideas that help as many people as possible, and we're committed to making the best ones happen. Learn more.

J'en rêve : pour créer des listes de cadeaux, dis ce que tu veux, dis ce que tu as !

by mirage vous permet de créer une liste d'objets, cadeaux ou collections. Envoyez votre liste à qui vous voulez et recevez les cadeaux dont vous rêvez !


Birthday problem / Birthday paradox

by wabaus
A great description of the concept/math behind the Birthday problem. Basically, if you have 23 people in a room, odds are better than 50-50 that 2 folks will share the same birthday. [With a group of 7, odds are better than 50-50 that two folks have a birthday within a week of each other.] Also the basis for the "Birthday attack" hacking vector. Given a hashing (1-way encryption) algorithm of fixed length output, multiple inputs can result in the same hash. It is very difficult to guess an alternate input that will hash into a match of a single given result. But given a large known set of results (e.g., a user account database table) it become more likely that an alternate input might result in a match of at least one existing hash. Thinking on such things keeps the mind sharp :)

baby birthday party ideas

by babyidea
baby birthday party ideas

baby birthday ideas

by babyidea
baby birthday ideas

baby 1st birthday party idea

by babyidea
baby 1st birthday party idea

baby 1st birthday idea

by babyidea
baby 1st birthday idea

baby first birthday party idea

by babyidea
baby first birthday party idea

baby first birthday idea

by babyidea
baby first birthday idea

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