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18 February 2006

17 February 2006

16 February 2006

Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology

by misskitty4280
Ever wonder how people figured out there used to be such things as dinosaurs? Curious about how scientists learned to reconstruct fossil skeletons? The knowledge we take for granted today was slow in coming, and along the way, scientists and scholars had some weird ideas. This Web site shows some of their mistakes, provides a timeline of events, gives biographies of a few of the people who have gotten us where we are today, and lists resources you can use to learn more.

09 February 2006

02 February 2006

31 January 2006

Missing a few living cells? Print new ones

by YukuanMark
"Suwan Jayasinghe of University College London and colleagues at Kings College London has used a form of ink-jet printing to create "jets" of living cells. The biophysicists say their technique, which does not destroy the cells, could be used to grow biol

28 January 2006

Report Raises Possibility That Snails Fly

by phgod

26 January 2006

24 January 2006

21 January 2006


by phgod


by YukuanMark
普林斯頓大學Howard Hughes Medical Institute的科學家Bonnie Bassler最新研究證實,不同物種的細菌能進行對話並能藉此干擾彼此的行為。


by YukuanMark

20 January 2006

Biology as Ideology : Richard C. Lewontin

by devzero
Lewontin's brilliant unmasking of the ideology behind some kinds of Biology

Biology as Ideology : The Doctrine of DNA: Books: Richard C. Lewontin

by ravi
Lewontin's brilliant unmasking of the ideology behind some kinds of Biology.

15 January 2006

New Neurons Go with the Spinal Fluid Flow

by YukuanMark
Recent research has revealed that brains continue to produce new neurons throughout life, helping create new neural networks.

05 January 2006

04 January 2006

Science & Technology at Scientific Female Hormone Key to Male Brain

by YukuanMark
Female hormones circulating in the brain determine masculine behavior, at least in mice. Estrogen--the quintessential female hormone responsible for regulating the reproductive cycle--turns lady mice into wannabe male mice when it is allowed to penetrate

03 January 2006

The Cute Factor - New York Times

by YukuanMark & 1 other
Scientists have identified cuteness qualities that make good Darwinian sense. The human cuteness detector is set so low that it deems cute almost anything remotely resembling a human baby, and so includes the young of virtually every mammalian species, wo

31 December 2005

STIM1 就是鈣池調控鈣離子通道 (store-operated channels) 嗎?

by YukuanMark
1986年美國國家衛生研究院科學家Putney J教授提出填充式鈣離子湧入理論(capacitative calcium influx),這理論也就是現在常稱的鈣池調控鈣離子通道理論(store-operated channels)。在這個理論中,Putney J教授認為:在非興奮細胞中,當細胞內質網中鈣離子的含量下降到一定程度時,就會啟動一些未知機制來打開細胞膜上的鈣池調控鈣離子通道(store-operated channels),讓細胞外的鈣離子進入細胞內,進而將鈣離子填補回內質網。

30 December 2005

Botswana Shows Success in Treating AIDS

by YukuanMark
Very interesting story of how AIDS is being treated in Botswana. It seems that they are now able to slow the progression of the disease down, but still are not able to stow it totally. It's a step towards a cure...

Oxidised water allows you to "breathe" underwater.

by YukuanMark
The digg story about the "dry water" also has some other side-effects. Turns out that if you oxidise this liquid a normal animal (such as a mouse) or human can easily "breathe" the liquid into their lungs and fully function. Here is an experiment on a mou

29 December 2005


by YukuanMark
由"Cell press"所出版的一系列期刊一直在生命科學界扮演執牛耳的角色,在"Cell press"所發行的學術期刊中,又以"Cell"的影響力為最。許多科學家(包括筆者本人)都將能把自己辛苦的研究成果發表在"Cell"視為最高的理想與榮耀。