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August 2007

libxml / libxslt / xmlsec / gdome: Windows binaries

by maxxyme
Home of the last-known-good binaries of the libxml XML processor (and its close friend-tools libxslt, xmlsec and gdome) for the native Windows platform.

April 2007

Obfuscation simple de code avec HT Editor

by devloop
Utilisation du désassembleur / éditeur d'exécutables en ncurses HT Editor pour offusquer le code et rendre le reverse engineering plus difficile.

Tutoriel d'utilisation de HT Editor

by devloop
Comment utiliser HT Editor, un désassembleur en ncurses sous Linux.

March 2007

January 2007

November 2006


by devloop
Hydan propose quelque chose d'assez particulier : cacher des informations dans des exécutables pour processeur i386. C'est à dire entre autres les formats ELF pour Linux et BSD mais aussi le format PE pour les machines Windows.

September 2006

3DES’ Journal » Linux

by ezaekiel (via)
Cross compiling with Gentoo Linux Sunday, August 20th, 2006 Everyday use to be more common the need to cross compile open source applications because the Linux Everywhere fever :) (which I do love!). Usually when someone first time tries to cross compile is not really that hard to find some pre-compiled tools or even a complete SDK but there we are again having binaries all around our filesystem without any control at all, so…what’s Gentoo offering to solve this? Crossdev. Crossdev is really handy tool which allows you to create and manage cross compiling environments in a very easy way. The basic command to get a complete set of tools for a target is just passing the parameter -t ARCH-VENDOR-OS-LIBC, this will make ready an stage4 which adds binutils, gcc, kernel headers, etc. get more useful information just executing the command without arguments and passing -t help. Crossdev gets little help Portage’s Overlay feature another really nice feature which deserves its own post to get explained :) . Live sample: [email protected]# vim /etc/make.conf Here the PORTDIR_OVERLAY variable have to be defined before we start building the new tools, in this directory crossdev will create some links to the official portage tree in our system, more precisely, to the tools we need to compile but defining the arch, libc, etc we really want. [email protected]# crossdev -t armeb-softfloat-linux-uclibc Now crossdev will start to create the links and then compile the tools, progress can be watched at /var/log where some files are created as the tools compile. What do we get when it finishes? [email protected]# ls -la /usr/armeb-softfloat-linux-uclibc/* That will show a serie of binaries, headers, libraries, etc. making our system ready to compile sources for the armeb architecture, using uClibc and float point by software. Posted in Operating Systems,

March 2006

Kororaa Project

by ezaekiel & 1 other
another binaries gentoo !

November 2005

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