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QikPad Beta - Instant Collaboration Tool

by kathleen_vincent
QikPad is a free online collaboration tool. Multiple users can instantly see text updates, character by character. Work together on documents, projects or code in real-time. One-click pad creation with no sign-up required.


Pagoda Box

by Xavier Lacot
A PHP auto scaling deployment platform, which provides monitoring features, incident alerts, and performs checkouts from GitHub. The service is currently in beta.

Tattler (app)

by vrossign
* When you really need to know everything about ____. Download Learn More

2010 : Lancement de la beta réussi !

by nhoizey
« Putting a beta invite on Twitter is like announcing a house party on Facebook. If it looks any good, everyone will want it and you’ll turn around and have 100 people in your swimming pool! »


HealthBase - Powered by NetBase

by ycc2106
Welcome to NetBase's Research Solution for Healthcare This is a beta showcase of NetBase's Content Intelligence platform for healthcare which allows you to find: * Treatments for health conditions * Causes of health conditions * Complications of health conditions * Pros

Create Groups and stay organised « TweetDeck

by parmentierf
Avoid information overload on Twitter with TweetDeck groups. Groups allow you to group your followers, making it easier to follow what’s going on in all areas of your online life. Typical groups can be work, friends, family, celebrities, favourite bloggers, anything you like really.


by ycc2106
See what others are saying all over the social media with regard to your brand, product or person. Track the local impact of your campaigns from geo-heatmaps down to detailled city-by-city analysis.

Blind Search

by rax262 & 3 others (via)
BlindSearch, the search engine taste test. Type in a search query above, hit search then vote for the column which you believe best matches your query. The columns are randomised with every query.

Google Search Sandbox

by rax262 & 1 other
Try out the latest Google search

Heroes Of Might And Magic Kingdoms - Jeu en ligne gratuit par navigateur

by parmentierf
Heroes Kingdoms arrive ! Nous sommes en train de régler les derniers détails pour ouvrir le beta test publique dans votre pays. Il devrait démarrer dans les prochains jours. Nous vous contacterons quand le beta test publique sera prêt à être lancé dans votre pays.

unblab: Brief Email for Busy People

by ycc2106
like the divided columns of a newspaper, Box View allows you to scan for what's important. In addition, zooming and infinite scrolling make reading through email faster than ever.

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