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August 2005

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by Appamatix
Community type forum board for everybody. Family as well friends speak those thoughts, we deal with addictions to adultergardin (thats secret) Actually the main reason for the forum is I AM A FORUM NUT/CAN'T STOP PLAYING WITH THEM...I DREAM OF THEM....THERE MAKING ME GO CRazy.....

April 2005

502 Command is locally disabled

by Appamatix
Just an ongoing solution using PocoMail for bellsouth as well other IP's. Referrence's on incoming and outgoing server type authentications. Using a Login with password and username on the outgoing server while accessing the IP will subject the user to a error: 502 Command is locally disabled. Fix is to let the wizard set up the first account using your main IP connection and not re-editing the ini and account file in your PocoMail folder to authenticate the outgoing server to a "Login" with username and password. Should be set to "Plain" without any username or password, just the outgoing server which is>

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