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Learning, and Profiting, from Online Friendships

by pac-recrutement
Companies are working fast to figure out how to make money from the wealth of data they're beginning to have about our online friendships


gen_server behaviour in Erlang - You don't want to read this.

by greut

The power of OTP comes from the fact that properties such as fault tolerance, scalability, dynamic-code upgrade, and so on, can be provided by the behavior itself. In other words, the writer of the callback does not have to worry about [those things] because this is provided by the behavior.


Video and Surveillance cameras and martial arts practitioners

by gingihan
Interesting article explores violence and street behavior change because of Video surveillance cameras and video capable cellular phones.

RR-2877.pdf (Objet application/pdf)

by Xavier Lacot
This paper is about colored object programming. It focuses on the rigorous handling of independent supplementary behaviours.

Parenting Expert Reveals Child Behavior-Changing Secrets The Adhd Gurus Only Wish They Knew

by justthefactsmam
Respect Effect Solution at is dedicated to providing training and resources to parents of children with ADHD. For your free report “Five Things You Need To Know to Respect Your Child’s Needs,” visit the Web site at:

Unobtrusive & Persistant Effects

by ogrisel (via)
Howto design cookie-based persistent foldable boxes without changing the html layout of the page.


Event selectors

by Xavier Lacot & 11 others
event:Selectors allow you to apply an event such as mouseover, mouseout, click, et al using a CSS style syntax.

World Cup a major attraction on the web for Britons

by bluexmass
These findings illustrate the way in which media consumption is becoming increasingly multi-modal, with the PC and mobile phone playing a key role for many consumers.

Strong Demand, and Opportunity, for Health Search Engines

by bluexmass
About 71 percent of online consumers use search engines to find health-related information, but only 16 percent find the information they are looking for.

40 Million Surfers Are Online Daily Just For Fun

by bluexmass
Some 30% of internet users go online on any given day for no particular reason, just for fun or to pass the time.

How to Reach American Millionaires

by bluexmass
The most effective way to reach wealthy consumers online is through search engine results-- including paid placements. In fact, search results are the only online marketing method viewed as more effective than ineffective by wealthy consumers themselves.

Customer Reviews Really Do Impact Sales

by bluexmass
Customer reviews have a significant impact on what books consumers buy at online bookstores, with negative reviews carrying more weight.

Consumer behaviour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by bluexmass
Consumer behaviour is the study of how people buy, what they buy, when they buy and why they buy.

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