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JunkBots, Bugbots, and Bots on Wheels

by YukuanMark
The Official Guide comes this do-it-yourself guide to BEAM (Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, Mechanics) robots. They're cheap, simple, and can be built by beginners in just a few hours, with help from this expert guide complete with full-color photos

nonsolder bicore

by YukuanMark
A complete tutorial on creating a fully adjustable bicore, master/slave bicore, head or any other circuit around any other chip!

The Complete Guide for Building a fWalker

by YukuanMark
This is your complete guide on how to build a Master / Slave walker.


by YukuanMark
The suspended bicore is the core of most BEAM devices. It’s unique structure makes it very easy to customize for a wide range of uses. These uses vary from blinking LED’s to servo-drivers to walkers.

How to freeform the H-bridge - by Brian Hendrickson

by YukuanMark
Most of us are familiar with Beckingham's photovore block (also known as Chiu's). The following is a similar format used for freeforming a simple H-bridge motor driver that can be used for walkers, heads, and any other project that uses motors that requir

How to free form the Bicore

by YukuanMark
The Bicore is one of the easiest BEAM circuits to free form and can be built in 10 to 60 minutes depending on your skill level. I would recommend you read the whole tutorial first, this will GREATLY lower the chance of you making a mistake.

BEAM Reference Library -- BEAMbot Pieces

by YukuanMark
You'll be making use of a number of components in the creation of your BEAM robot. This section's pages describe the most-common of them.

BEAM From the Ground Up

by YukuanMark
Welcome to the leaner, cleaner, BEAM From the Ground Up! This site is designed to be a useful collection of material for BEAM roboticists of all experience levels and abilities. The unifying focus here is on learning -- so this is the place to look for tu

BEAM Online > About BEAM

by YukuanMark
BEAM robotics is the brain child of Mark W. Tilden who is currently working at "Los Alamos National Laboratory" in Los Alamos, New Mexico, US. BEAM robotics as described in the BEAM rule book: 1/: A description of what aspects a roving robot creature coul

BEAM robotics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by YukuanMark
The word "beam" in BEAM robotics is an acronym for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics. This is a term that refers to a style of robotics that primarily uses simple analog circuits instead of a microprocessor in order to produce an unusually s

Mark Tilden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by YukuanMark
Mark W. Tilden is perhaps most well known for his invention of BEAM robotics. He is a robotics physicist, who produces complex robotic movements from simple logic circuits, often all on the single logic chip and without a microprocessor.

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by zboog
The crash that killed DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES and her lover DODI FAYED was caused by a laser beam being flashed into the eyes of their driver, it has been claimed.

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