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jtnimoy - Tron Legacy (2010)

by Spone
I spent a half year writing software art to generate special effects for Tron Legacy, working at Digital Domain with Bradley "GMUNK" Munkowitz, Jake Sargeant, and David "dlew" Lewandowski. This page has taken a long time to be published because I've had to await clearance.


Tom Gidden : Removing Ping from iTunes 10.0.1

by night.kame

This setting switches the default behaviour of the arrow links. By default (well, by default in iTunes 10.0.0 and before) the arrows would send the user to the corresponding page in the iTunes Store, but you could also hold down Opt and click to be redirected to the corresponding list in your own library. In my opinion, this was an incredibly useful feature: you can navigate through your own library so quickly. The "invertStoreLinks" setting makes this the default, so you just click to navigate. Holding down Opt while clicking will take you to the store.

Apple, 100% dédié à l'intuitivité.


openoffice problem under awesome

by Yann_L (via)
corriger problème d'affichage de Openoffice avec le gestionnaire de fenêtre Awesome


Useful Podcasts For Designers And Developers | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine

by springnet
collection of podcasts that are either directly about web design, or would be helpful to a web designer

Google Maps

by springnet
googles come up with the killer election map and it's full 'o tweeters


by springnet & 1 other
With SpaceTime's™ 3D Web Search, you choose your search engine from the drop down menu, type in your search term and enjoy the experience as SpaceTime™ displays all your search results at once in our patent pending interface. Enjoy the perks that imme

Facebook Apps On Any Website: Clever Move

by springnet
Facebook announced Friday a new JavaScript client library that will allow Facebook apps to be displayed on any website. The client library allows users to make Facebook API calls from any web site and create Ajax Facebook applications on that website.

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