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September 2006

One Sentence - True stories, told in one sentence.

by jlesage
Like one of my favorite sites, postsecrets, this has a kind of documentary wit that resides in brevity and style.

July 2006

KQED - About Our Workshops

by jlesage
"The Art, Skill, Craft, and Magic of Digital Storytelling: A How-Come, How-To Guide"--pdf file

StoryCorps - Interview Your Loved Ones

by jlesage
Go with a friend to a storybooth and have her interview so you can tell your story. On of the most important audio autobiography projects.

June 2006


by jlesage & 60 others
anonymous collage postcards telling a personal secret, kept online only for a week. a very popular site with lots of hits each week

May 2006

rice index

by jlesage
attractive graphic presentation of photos and text

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