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November 2006

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September 2006

One Sentence - True stories, told in one sentence.

by jlesage
Like one of my favorite sites, postsecrets, this has a kind of documentary wit that resides in brevity and style.

August 2006

July 2006

BBC Cumbria - Digital Lives

by jlesage
important video autobiography project for UK television

KQED - About Our Workshops

by jlesage
"The Art, Skill, Craft, and Magic of Digital Storytelling: A How-Come, How-To Guide"--pdf file

Local Projects

by jlesage
designers of the installations for many important storytelling projects, most notably the StoryCorps booth; "an award-winning design studio that seeks to tell stories in public spaces, museums, and over the internet, often simultaneously."

anecdotal city

by jlesage
interviews with Cardiff residents about memories of life there


by jlesage
tech aspects of online personal sites: "My current work focuses on digital experiments with personal and cultural memory."

StoryCorps - Interview Your Loved Ones

by jlesage
Go with a friend to a storybooth and have her interview so you can tell your story. On of the most important audio autobiography projects.

Challengers journals

by jlesage
links to journals by people struggling with disability, illness

A Gag Reflex

by jlesage
fascinating search for personal identity; woman looks for identity of parents, for information about dead, addicted, con-artist mother

MemoryArchive - MemoryArchive

by jlesage
a free way to store your memories; many witness accounts of important historical moments

SENTENCE - on-line diary, blog, autobiography, memoir, web log

by jlesage
well written, long running, moves from blogging to desire to write autobiography

The City Stories Project

by jlesage
people in specific cities tell their stories

June 2006

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