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Conversion Gorilla Review

by equis
Get attention and convert more of your website visitors into customers with this web based software. Highly recommended software for internet marketers to boost visitor engagement, clicks and conversions using powerful attention bars and countdown timers.




Best-selling Author Cheryl Robinson Releases Third Novel, Sweet Georgia Brown

by thegritsdotcom
Hell has no fury like a woman scorned! A docile housewife gets the 411 on her husband in Cheryl Robinson's new release, Sweet Georgia Brown


Vee Jefferson: Never Without You...Again by Francine Craft

by thegritsdotcom (via)
Francine Craft is very excited about her sixth stop at Vee Jefferson’s Blog today. Vee recently read her book and wanted to know a little more about the lady behind the pages of Never Without You …Again!

Never Without You ...Again 2007 Virtual Book Tour Begins December 3, 2007!

by thegritsdotcom
This holiday season, you’re invited to join the Never Without You . . . Again 2007 Virtual Book Tour featuring national best selling multicultural romance writer, Francine Craft!

Emotion Part One

by ckinniburgh
An online serialized novel published in 1000 word segments every other day by Christopher Kinniburgh.

Fail to prepare...

by hellojed
...and prepare to fail. A green writer talks about how planning a story before writing will pay off in the long run. Tried and tested tips for the budding author straight from the horse's mouth.

Best-selling author and founder of Hay House, Inc

by cph_info (via)
Best-selling author and founder of Hay House, Inc., the international leader in inspirational and self-help publishing.

by shimerdla (via)
The blog and website of author Joseph Shimerdla. Read updates to his stories and website, as well as his thoughts on writing and life in general. All of his writing is available online, including short stories, poems, and a novel in progress.



by fox_b & 48 others
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Mary Magdalene: Author of the Fourth Gospel?

by truthhere
Mary Magdalene: Author of the Fourth Gospel? by Ramon K. Jusino, M.A. � 1998 INTRODUCTION Some Related Links: My Review of The Da Vinci Code The Nag Hammadi Library Non-Canonical Christian Texts Women in Ancient Christianity The Role of Women in Christian Churches of Paul's Day Women and Gender in European History Mary Magdalene and the Discipled Jesus Loved The Sociology of Secrecy and the Fourth Gospel This article makes a case for ascribing authorship of the Fourth Gospel (the Gospel of John) in the New Testament to Mary Magdalene. As far as I know -- no previously published work has made an argument in support of this hypothesis. Most biblical scholars today assert that the Fourth Gospel was authored by an anonymous follower of Jesus referred to within the Gospel text as the Beloved Disciple. It is posited here that, in an earlier tradition of the Fourth Gospel's community, the now "anonymous" Beloved Disciple was known to be Mary Magdalene. It is further posited that Mary Magdalene is the true founder and hero of what has come to be known as the Johannine Community (i.e., Mary Magdalene was one of the original apostolic founders and leaders of the early Christian church).

Kiosk 下載的時代即將來臨?

by Blog-you (via)

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