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Whiz - 55 - Male - Married :: Without friends, we're nothing! on FUPEI ::

by Whiz (via)
Been looking for Whiz(me) and only found women, horses, flowers, ski mobiles, other NON-RELEVANT trash. Well, the "Whiz Fans are working on that problem for you. It will become easier to find an OFFICIAL, GENUINE, AUTHENTIC Whiz on the web. And yes I take a wiz like every one else.


OFFICIAL WHIZ Community Web Site on OurStory!

by Whiz (via)
It is a WHIZ story blog. When I get time I'll be inputting some Official WHIZ stories. I will be updating it little by little with more Whiz stories. Excuse me gotta go take a wiz or shouldn't that be leave a wiz?.

OFFICIAL WHIZ Community Web Site - Talent Resume

by Whiz (via)
Need some WHIZ info? Don't have any OFFICIAL WHIZ info, but want some? Need an actor/Model for a movie, Prints, Indy or a Feature film - Whiz's Resume and Whiz's Profile can be found here!


by Whiz (via)
Yea, its weakipedia. NO one uses it. Mostly irrelevant info. But, they do have one OFFICIAL listing for "The WHIZ! Hey, the search engines are designed to give you the most relevant site according to the dollar amount not the site your searching for!

THE OFFICIAL WHIZ Community Web Sites on the Web!

by Whiz (via)
To help you find Whiz sites and blogs. Yes, you can find an "OFFICIAL Whiz on the web, it isn't totaly impossible. Fakes are abundant, but with a tenacious attitude you will find and an actuall genuine Whiz community web site.

OFFICIAL Whiz Community Web Sites - Links on the Web

by Whiz (via)
Looking for "The Whiz" look no further. A lot of people are looking for Whiz, but can't find him. No worries. has room for all. is one of the places to find WHIZ links for "The OFFICAL WHIZ Community Web Sites" on the web!

The "OFFICIAL WHIZ" on MySpace

by Whiz (via)
Looking for "The Whiz" look no further. A lot of people are looking for Whiz, but can't find him in the midst of all the wanna-bees on myspace. No worries. Myspace has room for all, Communities of people are looking for any actual Whiz Info, very often in vain, but Whiz can be found! Just be tenacious in your search. Do not get WIZed-OFF, be patient.


by Whiz (via)
Looking for the Whiz for ever, look no further. Yea, I know a lot of you are Looking for him and finding a lot of IRRELEVENT results for Whiz! Sorry about that. His name seems to be very popular. But you won't find any of those wanna-bee/fake Whizs' here. And you won't find many of those cheesy, cheese, gee, golly, nerds here either. This site is for all of us Whiz Fans, to get together and maybe find some information on "The OFFICIAL WHIZ"! Yes people are actualy faking Official Whiz community Clubs" now!

Authentic Iron Gargoyle Bottle Opener

by mayble86
Authentic Iron Gargoyle Bottle Opener - File Format: Microsoft Excel 1812, JAN071809X1, BATMAN ON GARGOYLE WALL STATUE BY KOTOBUKIYA, 79.99 4732, JAN074729J, SIMPSONS HOMER & MOE TALKING BOTTLE OPENER (O/A) (C: 1-1-3) SRP: $4.99 Basically you sit down



DLFP: Sortie d'Authentic 0.5

by kasi77
Authentic, sous licence GNU GPL, est un fournisseur d'identité Liberty Alliance. Il permet de créer un cercle de confiance au sein duquel les échanges sont facilités et sécurisés. Il fournit le Single Sign-On (SSO), le Single Logout (SLO), l'échange d'attribut et il se paramètre aisément (il parait)

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