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22 April 2007

From Many Tweets, One Loud Voice on the Internet - New York Times

by springnet
One of the best-loved twitterers, Paul Terry Walhaus, a gray-haired blogger from Austin, Tex., has 9,177 friends and 1,851 followers, according to the tracking site Twitterholic.

1 Bit Audio Player : A JavaScript-inserted Flash MP3 player for WordPress blogs and other websites

by springnet & 4 others
1 Bit Audio Player is a very simple and lightweight Adobe Flash MP3 player with automatic JavaScript insertion. It's main purpose is to act as a quick in-page preview for audio files

Widgetsphere: New Playground For Marketers

by springnet
f you're in the online marketing game and are not yet hip to widgets, listen up. Two emerging Web 2.0 technology firms focused in this space have a message for you. Those companies are Widgetbox and ClearSpring, both of which presented in a session on Tu

Slow Burn Productions

by springnet
Widgetbox and ClearSpring, both of which presented in a session on Tuesday afternoon at Web 2.0 Expo that was billed as "Using Widget Syndication for Online Marketing and Measurement".

Microsoft Silverlight

by springnet
Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications (RIAs) for the Web.

Tim Sneath : Introducing Microsoft Silverlight

by springnet
supports playback of WMV files on both PC and Macintosh, with many options for interactivity during playback

The perfect network server

by springnet
So you need a server? Not a web server of course, you rent someone else’s for that. No, you need a file server, print server, intranet, mail server and more. Can free software provide the answer? Of course it can.

Ramblings from Richard's Ranch

by springnet
The FreeBSD team has added ZFS to the FreeBSD-7.0 release! This is excellent news and all of us are happy to share with the FreeBSD community.

» Apple’s new kick-butt file system | Storage Bits |

by springnet
Apple is doing something really cool with storage - not to discount their laudable RAID product - and that something is called ZFS. The bright side of the Leopard slip: more time to integrate ZFS is a Good Thing.

21 April 2007

How to customize the size of the desktop icon by programming(Vista OS)? - MSDN Forums

by springnet
Click on the desktop. Press and hold the CTRL key. Use your mouse wheel to scroll up and down and change the icon size. Another way to do this is just right click on the desktop, choose 'View' and select 'Classic Icons'

» Links for Web Designers : April

by springnet
Web design, Typography, Code Snippets and Interesting Articles - we digg out the best for you …

20 April 2007

austin [Web Monday]

by springnet
developers, designers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, researchers, web pioneers, inventors, bloggers, podcasters, end users

WordPress Austin initial meetup at Ginger Man Pub (Monday, April 23, 2007) - Upcoming

by springnet Feel free to signup there as well. Homepage

19 April 2007

Twitter: More Than Messaging, It Can Generate Traffic

by springnet
If you break news or keep on twitting about cool stuff that others want to find out more about, then they are going to friend you.

Copy Songs From iPod to Windows

by springnet
Using iPod Access to backup the library on your iPod to a computer provides a ton of features you might expect from a more traditional full hard disk backup solution.

Sync iPod with Windows Media Player 10

by springnet
There are a few third-party solutions designed to bypass iTunes as an interface for your iPod. - About

by springnet delivers discourse, discussions and debates on the world's most interesting political, social and cultural issues, and enables viewers to join the conversation.

BlogMate - The Free, (BETA!) Missing Blogging Palette For TextMate

by springnet & 1 other
BlogMate is a free, graphical plug-in for the popular TextMate editor that allows creating and editing blog posts for MetaWeblog-enabled blogs from a floating palette within TextMate.

TextMate Blog » Blogging From TextMate

by springnet & 1 other
the blogging bundle allows you to post, retrieve, and update entries. It can also preview entries before posting, upload images to your blog by dragging them into your document, etc.

18 April 2007

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