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May 2007

Vicissitude » Blog Archive » Twitter Updater (a WordPress plugin)

by springnet & 1 other
The Twitter Updater automatically sends a Twitter status update to your Twitter account when you create, publish, or edit your WordPress post

April 2007

1 Bit Audio Player : A JavaScript-inserted Flash MP3 player for WordPress blogs and other websites

by springnet & 4 others
1 Bit Audio Player is a very simple and lightweight Adobe Flash MP3 player with automatic JavaScript insertion. It's main purpose is to act as a quick in-page preview for audio files

WordPress Austin initial meetup at Ginger Man Pub (Monday, April 23, 2007) - Upcoming

by springnet Feel free to signup there as well. Homepage

BlogMate - The Free, (BETA!) Missing Blogging Palette For TextMate

by springnet & 1 other
BlogMate is a free, graphical plug-in for the popular TextMate editor that allows creating and editing blog posts for MetaWeblog-enabled blogs from a floating palette within TextMate.

TextMate Blog » Blogging From TextMate

by springnet & 1 other
the blogging bundle allows you to post, retrieve, and update entries. It can also preview entries before posting, upload images to your blog by dragging them into your document, etc.

WordPress Plugins |

by springnet & 4 others
Twitter Tools This plugin creates an integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. Pull your tweets into your blog and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress.

March 2007


by springnet
TwitThis is an easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link, it takes the URL of the webpage and creates a shorter URL using TinyURL. Then visitors can sen

Snap Preview

by springnet & 6 others is an incredibly useful tool for finding out who links to your website or blog. With Snap Preview Anywhere, you can not only read who links to you, but see them as well!

Velvet Unravelled » Twitter Wordpress Sidebar Widget

by springnet
I created the Twitter sidebar widget for Wordpress because I wanted something more customisable than the badges issued by Twitter. If you know your way around CSS you can style it yourself, otherwise it will keep the default styling of lists in your sideb

February 2007

wholetech blog

by springnet
wholetech is a technology company based in Austin, Texas. We provide innovative web solutions using open source content management systems, like Wordpress and Drupal. We’re experts in “pumping up” your site, whether or not we design it. In oth

How to Protect CSS Mods for ANY WordPress Theme

by springnet
excellent strategy for applying custom code to your wordpress blog and not losing it when you do an upgrade

January 2007

WordPress: The Complete Post-Install Checklist - Download Squad

by springnet & 2 others
One of the great things about WordPress is how easily you can have it up and running, completely customized to your liking, in such a short period of time. After setting up WordPress for several of my friends, I found that having a 'checklist' makes thing

December 2006

User:Lastnode/Wordpress CMS « WordPress Codex

by springnet
With its flexibility and power, WordPress can be customized into a full fledged CMS. » Adsense ready Wordpress themes

by springnet
Here is another wordpress theme modified to include adunits, adlinks and google sitesearch. The theme is based on Green boqpod (?) from Hardi P. I liked the theme as soon as I saw it and was delighted to find that Hardi P had included .psd filed for the h

» WordPress Theme Blix with Google AdSense

by springnet
This is my first released WordPress theme, it’s Blix with Google AdSense ads added in what I’ve found the best locations for maximum ad revenue. This took quite a lot of effort to get working, but I think it was worth it.

Themes ·

by springnet & 1 other
These themes below work with WordPress 2.0+ and are free to use, modify, destory, etc., with the hopes that my original design credit will remain. If you like my themes, and if they perhaps make your life just a little bit nicer, please consider donating.

October 2006

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