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October 2006


by springnet & 9 others
Use Trailfire to extend your blog out onto the web. Don’t just link to a web page, take your reader there and continue the conversation in a Trailfire mark. Once you’ve used Trailfire to help make your point, add another mark to form a trail and bring

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by springnet
Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) November 28, 2005 -- A Canadian entrepreneur wants to raise funds for his wedding by listing websites on his account for $20 per listing. Patrick Ryan, 37, and his fiancée have been dating for 5 years; he hopes that Ta

August 2006

July 2006 stats - deli.ckoma

by springnet & 3 others
Statistic data on number of posts per day. A post is a bookmark a user adds to his collection.Statistic data on number of tags per post. The y-axis depicts how many posts exist with a certain number of tags.

Social Annotation: Seamless Integration of Social Bookmarking, Web Highlighter, Sticky-Note & Clipping

by springnet & 45 others
# Highlight, Clip and Sticky-Note for any webpage * just as you would on paper --> write on any webpage! * make them private or public --> interact on any webpage! # Share your online findings with your friends and colleagues * complete with highlights an » Gordon Luk’s Freetag, an Open Source Tagging / Folksonomy module for PHP/MySQL applications

by springnet & 22 others
Freetag is an easy tagging and folksonomy-enabled plugin for use with MySQL-PHP applications. It allows you to create tags on existing database schemas, and access and manage your tags through a robust API.

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