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March 2007

February 2007


by springnet & 5 others
MySQLPHPGrid puts data from a MySQL table in a configurable grid on a webpage. The grid supports sorting of columns, editing of cells, adding rows, deleting rows and pagination. You can display a full MySQL table, or just a subset of a table. MySQLPHPG

December 2006

PHP/MySQL Tutorial - Part 1

by springnet & 1 other
how to use PHP and the MySQL database to store information on the web and include it into your website.

October 2006

O'Reilly Network -- Open Tools for MySQL Administrators

by springnet & 3 others
My own contribution is innotop, a MySQL and InnoDB monitor. As MySQL has become increasingly popular, InnoDB has become the most widely used transactional MySQL storage engine. InnoDB has many differences from other MySQL storage engines, so it requires d

September 2006

Alex Davies: Linux HOWTOs

by springnet & 4 others
You MUST have a third server as a managment node but this can be shut down after the cluster starts. Also note that I do not recommend shutting down the managment server (see the extra notes at the bottom of this document for more information). You can no -- Advanced MySQL Replication Techniques

by springnet
You may know about the MySQL Cluster, which is a complex architecture to achieve high availability and performance. One of the advantages of MySQL Cluster is that each node is a peer to the others, whereas in a normal replicating system you have a master

MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 6.10 Replication FAQ

by springnet
Replication FAQ. Q: How do I configure a slave if the master is running and I do not want to stop it? A: There are several possibilities. If you have taken a snapshot backup of the master at some point and recorded the binary log filename and offset (fr

Webmail server guide - qmail, vpopmail, mysql, courier-imap, squirrelmail, qmail-scanner, clam antivirus, spamassassin

by springnet

Prerequisites and installation on Fedora or RHEL Linux - Confluence Community - Confluence

by springnet
Below are instructions on installing Confluence and supporting software (MySQL 5, Resin) on a Fedora or RHEL/Centos Linux system. Some seemingly little things here took many hours to figure out. Some of the information may not apply to you (e.g. my refere

MySQL Workbench - MySQLForge Wiki

by springnet
MySQL Workbench is a database modeling tool for MySQL. You can use it to design and create new database schemas, document existing databases and even perform complex migrations to MySQL.

MySQL FAQs - Command-Line End User Interface mysql

by springnet
A collection of 10 FAQs on MySQL command-line interface mysql. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on mysql command option; running SQL and mysql commands; running mysql command files in batch mode; returning query output in HTML and XML fo

MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 8.12 mysqldump — A Database Backup Program

by springnet
For a faster "mysqldump" innodb tables 1. mysqldump --opt --user=username --password database > filetosaveto.sql 2. open the dump file put this statement at the beginning of the sql dump text file: SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0; 3. mysql --user=usern

How To Set Up Database Replication In MySQL | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

by springnet & 1 other
This tutorial describes how to set up database replication in MySQL. MySQL replication allows you to have an exact copy of a database from a master server on another server (slave), and all updates to the database on the master server are immediately repl

August 2006

July 2006

Web-based Databases Using PHP

by springnet
Let's be honest, when most people start thinking about developing in PHP (or even ASP) their aim is to produce dynamic content drawn from a database, or provide a web interface to a database. There are of course other uses for PHP, but this would seem to

Open-source LAMP a beacon to developers | CNET

by springnet
ActiveGrid's Application Server software, set for release in July, is designed to combine several individual servers running LAMP software to tackle demanding computing jobs. The company will give away a low-end product and charge for a more functional se » Gordon Luk’s Freetag, an Open Source Tagging / Folksonomy module for PHP/MySQL applications

by springnet & 15 others
Freetag is an easy tagging and folksonomy-enabled plugin for use with MySQL-PHP applications. It allows you to create tags on existing database schemas, and access and manage your tags through a robust API.

Linux Help - Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP (LAMP) Setup Guide

by springnet
LAMP has become a defacto-standard around the web community in the recent years, here is a guide to help you set it up. LAMP is the combination of Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP. You probably already have Linux up if you have come this far, if not you can g : Setting Up LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

by springnet
This page walks through the setup of Apache, PHP and MySQL on a Redhat (Fedora) Linux system. The installation is very similar on other Linux distributions. Also, since each package is open source they run almost every OS including Mac OS X and even Windo

Installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Linux | Web Hosting Dedicated Server Linux Windows Security Managed Articles Tutorials

by springnet
This tutorial is designed to guide you through the initial steps of setting up Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Linux. The Linux distribution being utilized for this tutorial is Fedora Core 1, however the steps should be very similar across most distributions. T

The LAMP development toolkit - Program - Builder AU

by springnet
Setting up a PHP 5 with Apache 2 and MySQL 4.1.3 PHP 5.0 has finally arrived. Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up a cutting-edge Web development environment with PHP 5.0, Apache 2.0, and MySQL 4.1.3.

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