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December 2006

Ilya Hevnikov’s Blog » How To Triple Boot (XP, Vista, Ubuntu) With Single Boot Screen

by springnet
Since Ubuntu 6.10 was released less than a month ago, Windows Vista went RTM and dates for new Ubuntu 7.4 were announced today, I thought I’ll post a tutorial on how to create a single boot screen triple boot system with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Ub

July 2006


by springnet
1)The first command is 'root (hd0,1' to set Grub's root device to the partition that contians the Linux kernel. Our kernel is normally found in our /boot directory. This is usually the same partition as the rest of our operating system, but if we made a s

Grub From the Ground Up

by springnet
grub> root (hd0,0) grub> kernel /vmlinuz-i686-up-4GB root=/dev/hda9 grub> boot

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