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October 2006

Rails Framework Documentation

by springnet & 7 others
Rails is a web-application and persistence framework that includes everything needed to create database-backed web-applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern of separation. This pattern splits the view (also called the presentation) into &am

by springnet
Subversion depends on a number of third party tools and libraries. Some of them are only required to run a Subversion server; others are necessary just for a Subversion client. This section explains what other tools and librari

September 2006

Main Page - QmailWiki

by springnet & 2 others
Welcome to the Qmail-Wiki. We are currently in the process of catagorizing the information in the wiki. If you spot some missing information or have an update please add it to the wiki. You will need to create an account first.

CentOS-4 Documentation

by springnet
The CentOS project redistributes these original works (in their unmodified form) as a reference for CentOS-4, because CentOS-4 is built from publicly available, open source SRPMS. We don't modify the above files in any way to be compliant with the distrib

July 2006

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