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05 June 2006

Audrey Lemon : XF/TLB : untitled : fic

by Olivia
Krycek/Michael. I'm sorry. This is pretty bad, but I can't help loving it. It makes me :). I think it's a requisite in every Krycek fic that he say at some point, "I am going to fuck you now." *laff* no, seriously, i do love this. crack warning.

04 June 2006

Audrey Lemon : TLB : Drift 6/6 : fic

by Olivia
wow. really good. this series is not just sex and a forbidden relationship -- she understands what she's putting her characters through. very real.

Audrey Lemon : TLB : Young Love 5/6 : fic

by Olivia
Michael/Sam. She gets it -- the possession and remorse, the feeling that you aren't anybody without your object of obsession. And the genuine love, too. And I always feel these are real teenage boys having sex, not generic male figures.

Audrey Lemon : TLB : Dad 4/6 : fic

by Olivia
flawed, but interesting. good characterization.

03 June 2006

Audrey Lemon : TLB : The Surface of Things 2/6 : fic

by Olivia
Michael/Sam. gets a bit soap-operaey at the end, but there's some good stuff in here. very real; real reactions and motivations. I don't usually like the Guilt, unless it feels genuine to me, and this does.

Audrey Lemon : TLB : Changes 1/6 : fic

by Olivia
Michael/Sam. some poor word choices, but otherwise good.

Audrey Lemon : TLB : Night : fic

by Olivia
michael/sam. flawed, but has some nice bits.

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