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Whiz on StarSearchCasting

by Whiz (via)
A Whiz acting, modeling and Blog profile. You will find Whiz's abilities, Resume and maybe more than you thought you would find on Whiz! Starsearchcasting is free to join, but if you wish to utilize the auditions look-up or many of the services you will have to become a paying member.

La Semaine du Son 2008 - Lauréat Décibel d'Or 13ème Edition : Bibliographie

by Emaux
Le Son : Bibliographie sélective réalisée pour La Semaine du Son Sous la direction de Mme Karine Lespinasse-Sabourault Alice Gaillard Armelle Guillaume

Baladeurs MP3 premiers prix : la musique adoucit les mœurs mais pas les tympans

by jpmachanovitch
L'UFC-Que Choisir a saisi la ministre de la Santé pour demander le retrait et le rappel de plusieurs baladeurs MP3 susceptibles d'engendrer des troubles auditifs graves.


Raph’s Website » Audition

by bcpbcp
As with many of the Asian games, there’s a nominally massively multiplayer lobby, which you enter minimally multiplayer games from. You play the game in order to earn virtual cash, plus you buy a different sort of virtual cash. You can then buy further accessories for your character (clothes, character customization, etc) and new stuff to play (in this case, songs) with that money.

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