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Steem Engine

by jdrsantos
Steem is a Freeware Atari STE emulator for Windows and Linux. It is being updated regularly and runs almost every ST program ever made without any problems. Steem is designed to be easy to use and has many unique features. Whether you want to run great ol

Atari Punk Console schematics

by 4004
GetLoFi - “bent bent bent Circuit Bent Bending Synth DIY”


Lego Star Wars Sequel To Exploit Original Trilogy

by Antauri
LucasArts is a video game developer and publisher. The company was famous for its line of point-and-click adventure games and today mainly produces games based on the Star Wars franchise.


by boninmat & 2 others
Le meilleur des jeux retros recompilés

Automation Atari ST CD Catalog

by bcpbcp (via)
This is an updated listing of all available Atari ST "compact disks" released by Automation. When I first found them, I was excited to find all the old games out there, but the inaccuracy of the list that accompanied them was deplorable. So, here is a 100% (or at least 99%) accurate list. I have gone through each and every one of these and tested them to some degree with STEEM Atari STE emulator.

:: Último Segundo - ‘Casual games’ são bons para veterano

by bcpbcp
Você é um legítimo representante da geração Atari e sofre até hoje para se entender com as "centenas" de botões dos novos videogames? Acha esse negócio de game de computador "vício de nerd" desocupado? Foi fuzilado em cinco segundos na primeira e única vez em que tentou disputar uma partida de Counter-Strike com o vizinho?

Atari Gaming Headquarters - Atari Touchme

by bcpbcp
Atari's token entry into the handheld market during the classic era was actually a portable version of its unsuccessful coin-op game. Touch Me was a simple yet addictive game but never caught on, but its fun factor was confirmed by the popularity of Milton Bradley's Simon (an imitation of Touch Me by Ralph Baer), which proved to be a runaway best seller for the toy giant.

Fundador da Atari critica atual indústria de games e elogia Nintendo - 05/12/2005 - UOL Jogos - UOL Jogos

by bcpbcp
Durante a Digital Interactive Entertainment Conference 2005, um simpósio internacional de games que se realizou na universidade Ritsumei, no Japão, Nolan Bushnell, fundador da Atari - comprado pela antiga Infogrames - e "pai" dos videogames, falou sobre a história da indústria, criticou o momento atual do mercado de games e elogiou a Nintendo.


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