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2009 Control Gallery

by brianwaustin
The Control Gallery is a directory of over 900 controls and components to use in your own applications. You will find everything from simple controls to full e-commerce components.

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - ASP.NET Caching vs. memcached: Seeking Efficient Data Partitioning, Lookup, and Retrieval

by brianwaustin (via)
I recently discovered memcached which is a distributed, object caching system originally developed by Brad Fitzpatrick of LiveJournal fame. You can think of memcached as a giant hash table that can run on multiple servers which automatically handles maintaining the balance of objects hashed to each server and transparently fetches/removes objects from over the network if they aren't on the same machine that is accessing an object in the hash table. Although this sounds fairly simple, there is a lot of grunt work in building a distributed object cache which handles data partitioning across multiple servers and hides the distributed nature of the application from the developer. memcached is a well integrated into the typical LAMP stack and is used by a surprising number of high traffic websites including Slashdot, Facebook, Digg, Flickr and Wikipedia. Below is what C# code that utilizes memcached would look like sans exception handling code


Comparing ASP.NET Web Services to WCF Based on Development

by brianwaustin (via)
Outlines the basic differences between the two. Gives a developer a better idea of when to use WCF and when not to.

ASP.NET MVC Framework - ScottGu's Blog

by nhoizey & 1 other
One of the things that many people have asked for over the years with ASP.NET is built-in support for developing web applications using a model-view-controller (MVC) based architecture.

15 Seconds : Tuning Up ADO.NET Connection Pooling in ASP.NET Applications

by brianwaustin (via)
Opening a database connection is a resource intensive and time consuming operation. Connection pooling increases the performance of Web applications by reusing active database connections instead of creating a new connection with every request. Connection pool manager maintains a pool of open database connections. When a new connection requests come in, the pool manager checks if the pool contains any unused connections and returns one if available. If all connections currently in the pool are busy and the maximum pool size has not been reached, the new connection is created and added to the pool. When the pool reaches its maximum size all new connection requests are being queued up until a connection in the pool becomes available or the connection attempt times out.

ASP.NET & Windows Forms UI controls and components and Reporting solution

by brianwaustin & 4 others (via)
Telerik is a leading vendor of User Interface (UI) components for ASP.NET and Windows Forms, and .NET Reporting solutions. Building on our expertise in interface development and Microsoft technologies, Telerik helps customers build applications with unparalleled richness, responsiveness and interactivity. Created with passion, Telerik products help thousands of developers every day to be more productive and deliver reliable applications under budget and on time.

.NET Tools: Ten Must-Have Tools Every Developer Should Download Now -- MSDN Magazine, July 2004

by brianwaustin
This article discusses:NUnit to write unit tests NDoc to create code documentation NAnt to build your solutions CodeSmith to generate code FxCop to police your code Snippet Compiler to compile small bits of code Two different switcher tools, the ASP.NET Version Switcher and the Visual Studio .NET Project Converter Regulator to build regular expressions .NET Reflector to examine assemblies


ASP.NET 2.0. Guida per lo sviluppatore

by runen
Guida in italiano allo sviluppo di applicazioni con ASP sulla piattaforma .NET 2.0

by retroman80s
Latest stuff about Microsoft ASP.NET v1.x & v2.0. How tos articles, C#, VB.NET, coding shortcuts, code snippets, common errors and solutions, etc

pure C# 社群日誌

by purecs
嗨!很高興你的光臨,如果你正好對學習 ASP.NET 網頁設計與 C# 程式設計有興趣的話,歡迎你能常來這看有趣的文章,另外如果你有任何感想或是單純的只是想交朋友的話可以到我們的討論區逛逛,那裡正好有很多跟你一樣急著學習微軟最新技術 .NET Framework 的夥伴們,相信由於你的參與能帶給我們全新的感受。

le coach ASP.Net

by pvergain & 1 other
voici des cours, tutoriaux, sous forme de vidéos et de documents qui vous permettent de vous mettre au dveloppement d'applications web avec Dotnet sans difficulté. Il existe des cours pour de nombreux niveaux. Il y a également des travaux pratiques permettant de s'entraîner

Presentation MVC et Monorail v2

by pvergain
Le pattern MVC: Comparaison ASP.Net et Monorail dans l’optique d’une utilisation Web Internet et Intranet

le coach ASP.Net

by Ptit-oups & 1 other
voici des cours, tutauriaux, sous forme de vidéos et de documents qui vous permettent de vous mettre au dveloppement d'applications web avec Dotnet sans difficulté. Il existe des cours pour de nombreux niveaux. Il y a également des travaux pratiques permettant de s'entraîner

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