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by equis & 1 other, 1 comment
With this app you can create custom bots that uses Artificial Intelligence bot technology to convert passive prospects into sales and leads. For the first time ever, you can now generate more qualified leads from your website visitors by leveraging on the regular chatbot plus 3 new bot technology that has not been seen before.


Commonsense Computing @ Media

by rike_
The MIT Media Lab has embarked on an effort to give computers and other modern devices "common sense", the capacity to understand and reason about the world as intimately as people do. By giving machines common sense, they will finally be able to understand people, our goals and typical problems, and they will be able to better assist us in solving them or coming to terms with them--thus simplifying and humanizing the technology and tools of the digital age.


Robot Powered by Moth’s Brain

by flakki
A new paper studies the effects of robots exhibiting roach-like behaviour on real cockroaches.


:: Último Segundo - Nem todas as recomendações da web são bem-vindas

by bcpbcp
SÃO FRANCISCO –Na, um cliente interessado em comprar o romance “A Vida de Pi” também recebe a chance de ver “O Caçador de Pipas” porque outros clientes da Amazon – presumivelmente com gosto similar ao seu – também compraram aquele livro.


Mind Hacks: Meet the chatbots

by bcpbcp
"Mind Hacks already told you about Jabberwacky, the winner of this year's Loebner prize for the chatbot that comes closest to passing the Turing Test (to pass, a judge must be unable to tell whether she's talking to the chatbot or another human)."

Game/AI: Great Expectation-Formations

by bcpbcp
"Forming expectations is a problem that is relatively easy to concretize: AIs have an internal knowledge model of the world. If the AI is able to provide an estimate for what that state is going to look like n ticks in the future, that’s an expectation – and naturally we’re going to want the AI to react not (or not just) to current world-state, but also to its expectation. React to its own expectation. I think that’s a neat idea, and architecturally it makes a lot of sense. Assuming we have a reactive behavior system of some sort already, we don’t, as a first pass, need to modify IT at all. All we need to do is provide future instead of current data. Great!"

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