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Can't Write? How To Work With A Ghostwriter

by tltfaas
Whether you want to have articles created for article marketing or you want to write a book this lens will teach you how to work with your ghostwriter.


Multiple Blogs– Wordpress Direct Review

by jbshort
Wordpress Direct is a new product in a long line of automated Internet marketing systems that seem to be in vogue now. My guess is that these automated systems are popular because there are so many new marketers who are trying to quickly get their piece of the pie.


What The Heck Is "Bum Marketing"?

by tropical
Have you heard about bum marketing? No, neither had I until a few days ago…….and guess what? It’s just a glorified name for one of the oldest (and, in my opinion, most effective) website promotion methods in the book! What used to be known as article marketing, that is, writing articles, and then getting them published with links back to your site.

Article Spinning and Submission

by todd123 & 1 other
Make your article submissions 97x more effective by automating the creation and submission of unique versions.


Why Your Content MUST Be Unique......

by stevec995
Excellent article on ins and outs of using articles and content.........

Article Marketer University

by destiny911
Free live telecourses led by some of the top experts in the field, audio-on-demand sessions, and e-books that make you more successful. Find out how article marketing works, how to write articles, and what article marketing is all about.

Free Article Marketing Teleseminar and Article Marketing Round-Up

by leveraged
Links to: 9 Reasons Why Articles Don’t Produce the Traffic and Sales They Should Linking Discussion about the Relation Between High Profile Article Marketing and Linking How to Make Article Marketing Work for You Part One, Part Two Latent Semantic Indexing and Article Marketing About High Profits from Article Marketing High Profit Exposure with Articles Part One, Part Two, Part Three Traffic Thursdays: Sales from Articles : Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five

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