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Blu Homes

by gregg
Premium Prefab Homes

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Web Application Architecture

by Spone
I've spent some time thinking about how a web application should be architected. How should it look from a high level? How does the development cycle look? How does the deployment process look? I read a lot about how applications should be modular, and I agree with this, but in practice I've come to realize I don't know how a large application should look.

Hexagonal Architecture Guidelines for Rails - The Audacious Code Experiment

by Spone
Good application design is hard and there’s no one “right” way to do it. I often get asked the how I design decoupled applications and while there’s no easy answer I’m going to lay down the rules that have worked for me.

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| Echovivant

by anbll
une chouette cabane dans la forêt, West Virginia

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