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June 2007

Arbitration - Tedioli law firm - Italy

by francescot
Italian law firm concentrating in arbitration, mediation, and dispute resolution services.

April 2007

Utah Supreme Court Reinforces Arbitrator’s Power

by arbforum
Ted Duke, Maria Cardenas, Randal Graham, and David Graham were members of a limited liability company (LLC) called Way Cool Dirt Cheap (WCDC). A conflict developed pitting Duke and Cardenas against the Grahams. They arbitrated their dispute, as specified by the company's operating agreement. The arbitrator ruled to remove Duke and Cardenas as members of WCDC. The trial court confirmed the award.

September 2006

National Arbitration Forum: TIP OF THE WEEK--Wirtz Labor Library

by National-Arbitration-Forum (via)
US Department of Labor's page on additional sources of information for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and arbitration - the National Arbitration Forum

February 2006

Studies Compare Arbitration and Litigation - National Arbitration Forum

by National-Arbitration-Forum
A study conducted by the National Workrights Institute found that employees who settled disputes through arbitration prevailed 62% of the time as compared to a 43% win rate in court.

November 2005

National Arbitration Forums Decision on Football Great Emmitt Smith's Web Address

by National-Arbitration-Forum (via)
The National Arbitration Forum announced today that a ruling has been issued in favor of former Dallas Cowboy and all-time NFL rushing yards leader Emmitt Smith regarding the rights to

September 2005

National Arbitration Forum -

by National-Arbitration-Forum provides information regarding recent decisions, procedural updates as well as current domain arbitration industry news and events.

National Arbitration Forum Issues Decision on AARP Web Address

by National-Arbitration-Forum (via)
A National Arbitration Forum arbitrator rules in favor of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) regarding the Internet domain name

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