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April 2007

The type of chess the arabs play...

by gertt
The poor Americans can't take a joke. Shame...

July 2006

Crisis in the Mideast: Civilization at stake

by jasontromm
The Holy Land was described as a vast wasteland in the 19th century. Beginning in the mid-1800s, Jews were the majority -- often an overwhelming majority, especially around Jerusalem. When Jews began to return to their "promised land" early in the 20th century, the desert literally began to bloom under their industry. Arabs followed, coming in large numbers for the jobs and prosperity. In 1948, when the United Nations partitioned the land into separate Arab and Jewish states, the surrounding Arab states immediately declared war. The Jews urged the Arabs to stay and live peacefully. Many Arabs chose to leave, to be rejected, used and virtually imprisoned by Arab power brokers.

September 2005

ONLY FOR ARABS! - Blog de Amina Talhimet

by bader
Description des arabes vu par des arabes, assez proche de la réalité donc très amusante !

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