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Un nouvel outil de curation pour les réseaux sociaux

by lang
Découvrez une nouvelle façon efficace de sélectionner plus vite l'info des médias sociaux de manière à faire ressortir l'information pertinente


Hello » About

by Spone & 1 other
Howdy folks! Hello is a simple app that helps people make friends and have more fun at conferences. What does it do? The idea is fairly simple: When you arrive at the conference, simply say which seat you're sitting in, via Twitter. You can then browse the rest of the audience and see else is sitting around you, what their interest are, and whether you have anything in common. You can also search the audience for specific names or skillset (php, designer, marketer, etc).

2008 v2.1 is here - The most significant release, ever!

by dhiraj
Cynapse just announced their v2.1 release of server. There's microblogging (like twitter) which can be used to have a private team collaborate quickly. Lots of new features and new AJAX UI. Neat!

Summize Conversational Search

by springnet & 3 others
another killer app du jour for twitter, conversational search


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