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Fluther: Tap the Collective

by kathleen_vincent
You ask a question. We get it to the right people. Everyone discusses the answer.

Meta moteur de recherche

by fxbis & 11 others
Plein de moteurs en accès direct sous forme d'icones. A noter le très détaillé Answers....

Skillpedia Social and Business Networking, Q&A, Jobs...

by ycc2106
Upload your resume - Request and Submit jobs, courses, software, businesses - Create search reports -Create or bookmark blog and news - expert Q&A - Review - Publish - Edit - Join community (education and universities forums)

Y! Answers NetVibes module - EU HackDay London

by greut, 1 comment
my hack from the London HackDay, no YUI! Thanks to Znarf and Mauriz.

Welcome to (beta)

by cyberien & 2 others (via)
Welcome to Uclue, a paid answers service (FAQ). * Everyone is invited to browse, register and ask questions. Your feedback is welcome. * Former Google Answers Researchers (only) may contact us to register as Uclue researchers. * During our beta test, payment for questions asked will be by PayPal to Everything Eiffel (this is not the final payment arrangement).


by cyberien
AnswerU helps college students connect with other students to seek information, advice and opinion. le

Get Addicted to Yahoo! Answers or Just Gaming Yahoo! Answers?

by heroiv (via) is a realtime snapshot of Yahoo! Answers submissions, answers, votes, and comments. It allows you to watch what's happening on Yahoo! answers as it happens. It's a good website for who is gaming Yahoo! Answers. The WSJ reported that people are asking and answering inane questions on the Yahoo! Answers service to boost their point scores.

Revolution Health

by cyberien (via)
We're working to give you a truly unique and useful health experience, where the tools are smarter, the information is more relevant and where there's expert support from an actual, live professional. Join us and you'll be among the first to experience and contribute to the Revolution. Here are some of the things you'll be able to do: * Rate your doctor & see what others say * Try a cool tool - understand your risks - learn what to do about them * Make a plan and set a goal * Ask a health question & get answers from people like you * Get expert advice on health and wellness concerns * See how we've revolutionized health with our membership program


FunAdvice Question & Answer Community

by hot_chicka_1988 & 1 other
The original fun question & answer community, a cool way to meet people, get advice, and hang out.

Job Interview Questions, Career Articles, Technical Papers

by pkgadala & 1 other
Collection and sharing of interview questions and answers asked in various interviews, faqs and articles. Discussion about various technologies, questions related to software, biological sciences, management, engineering, accounting, fashion etc

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