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A micro-animations library

by srcmax
Animated icons in Lottie Framework for immediate implementation to your apps or websites.

DoodleMaker Review

by equis
DoodleMaker is the World's first doodle video creation software. It uses artificial intelligence technology that let's anybody, regardless of tech or design skills to effortlessly create spectacular, realistic and Pro doodle videos in over 60+ languages within minutes. There is no other app in the market that does what this doodle video creation software can do at any price!


Design Beast Review

by equis
Design Beast gives you access to all-in-one design & mockup engine, AI Logo Maker, Background Removal App, Live Motion Photos App, Image Editor App, Magic Object Removal App along with premium copyright free assets. Six powerful animation and graphics design apps inside one platform. Create world class animations, designs and graphics without expensive freelancers, complicated apps or paying monthly fees. 7000+ ready-to-use design templates for fast, easy and effortless creation. Create designs, graphics and animations for social media, websites, ecom stores, local businesses, product promos, ads

Video Creator Review

by equis
Video Creator is like an encyclopedia for video featuring HUNDREDS of beautiful video templates. This is the LARGEST collection of high quality video templates available in any one app! Anything you can imagine, you can build in minutes with Video Creator

SketchGenius Review

by equis
For the very first time ever, you can now turn boring static images into visually captivating 3D drawings and sketch animated videos in various colors, sketch styles and backgrounds within minutes. SketchGenius features revolutionary first-to-market 3D sketch animation technology and next-gen AI. With this tech you can create unlimited pixel-perfect sketch animated videos that you cannot create with any other app.

6 Reasons To Get DesignBeast Now

by equis
Create new revenue streams with designs and animations you can create within minutes using 7000+ ready-to-use templates and first-to-market technologies!

Sketch Genius

by equis
Powerful 3D animation video maker


Avatar Builder

by equis
Avatar Builder is a unique 3D video animation app to build 3D avatars for your brand. It features next-generation 3D animation, AI and multilingual video technologies.



by equis
An innovative video animation system that will change the way you create animated videos forever.

🧠 CULTURE SCIENCE - - Floris'Tic | Botanique numérique

by decembre
L’initiative Floris’Tic vise à promouvoir la culture scientifique, technique et industrielle des sciences du végétal. Elle s’appuie pour cela sur un consortium d’expertise complémentaire en Botanique, Informatique et Animation de projet. Le contexte actuel d’érosion de la biodiversité se traduit par un besoin accru d’expertise et de diffusion des connaissances dans le domaine des sciences et techniques du végétal. Au regard du déficit important de compétences, de connaissances et d’attractivité de la botanique au niveau national, il est urgent de réduire la fracture entre société et sciences du végétal, si l’on souhaite promouvoir un développement durable de nos villes et de nos campagnes dans le respect de la biodiversité. L’objectif du projet est de pallier la fracture entre société et sciences du végétal, d’une part en favorisant l’innovation pédagogique au travers de nouveaux outils pour les professionnels de la gestion des territoires, de l’éducation et de la Culture Scientifique, Technique et Industrielle (CSTI), et d’autre part en redonnant le goût et l’envie des sciences du végétal au grand public et en particulier aux jeunes, au travers d’outils de terrain nomades, ludiques et pédagogiques.


Explaindio Elements

by equis
Explaindio Elements is a new, first of its kind, video content creation app, which allows you to generate full length social and promo videos by simply swiping DFY scene templates, snapping them into place, and customizing hotspots.

VidSting Video marketing tool

by equis
Create fascinating 3D intros, deluxe 3D logo animations with the world's first video sting creator app.



by equis
This video marketing tool has an enormous library of graphics that is needed by every internet video marketer on the planet today.


by equis
Complete animation and graphics software that allows you to create high quality animations, banner ads, GIF, video ads, plus much more in just a few clicks by using the latest technology.

Animation Studio

by equis
The World's first video creation software that enables you to produce animation videos, in any language, in just minutes. The software includes pre-made templates across the hottest niches, that you can customize for any business.The software has the ability to record your own voice, add music, or use the pre-made professional voice overs. With the included commercial license of the software, you can instantly sell the videos you create and keep all the profits for yourself.

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