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Des photos touchantes d'animaux âgés

by anbll
animals at the end of their lives... given a chance to grow old.


Planches à poils - Libération

by anbll (via)
Planches à poils 30 SEPTEMBRE 2013 À 15:32 Parmi les événements sportifs de ce week-end, s'est tenue à Huntington Beach, en Californie, la cinquième édition de «Surf City Surf Dog», une compétition pour les chiens surfeurs avec leurs maîtres ou congénères.

Mercedes-Benz TV: MAGIC BODY CONTROL TV commercial "Chicken" - YouTube

by anbll
Silly commercial with beautiful roosters dancing... sort of = teaching material

Elephants-A Year in a Day

by sbrothier (via)
Do elephants have a circadian rhythm? This visualization shows the hourly positions of five bull elephants fitted with GPS collars in Laikipia County, in central Kenya. The visualization illustrates 34,786 GPS positions, which have been compressed into a single 24-hour period to illustrate the general pattern of movement throughout the day, regardless of season or individual.

The World’s Most Amazing Animals in One App | Pages | WWF

by sbrothier & 1 other
Experience the world’s most amazing animals in one app — together. This interactive experience brings you closer to the stories of elephants, whales, rhinos and other fascinating species. Discover their lives and the work of WWF in a way you’ve never seen before. Try out “tiger vision,” stay as still as the polar bear during a hunt, and chop the panda’s bamboo. New species stories — which you can fold and share with the world — are added regularly.


Men and pigs, united by a game. | AMUSEMENT.NET

by sbrothier
A new game, Pig Chase, will soon let you have a play date with a pig. Following a European legislation, farmers have to provide pigs with entertainment to prevent them from being bored or violent. A team from the Utrecht School of the Arts and Wageningen University came up with a solution: a tablet game where humans and pigs play together towards the same objective. The human controls a ball of light on his touchscreen. The pig has to do the same thing with his snout on the screen of his pen. If they succeed to bring the ball to the goal an explosion of lights bring joy and happiness to the pigpen. And a great satisfaction for the human: he’s going to eat a peaceful meat.



by sbrothier
This figurative alphabet appears in a late 14th century pattern book for illustrators. It was a creation of the architect Giovannino de'Grassi. Click on the images below for larger pictures.


taxidermy - Ravishing Beasts: Taxidermy

by everyueveryme
Ravishing Beasts: dedicated to all things taxidermy. Sometimes the most unlikely objects offer the most eloquent commentaries.

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