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03 August 2006

angstslashhope : Spn : Liminal : fic

by Olivia
A nice little Dean and John vignette. Sexuality. Angst. Men. And stuff.

01 August 2006

angstslashhope : Spn : Field of Mars : fic

by Olivia
Sequel to On The Banks of The Tiber. All the adjectives I can think of wouldn't come close to doing this justice. Gotta be in my top five alltime favorite SPN fics. Truly excellent John characterization. Wounding, but so beautiful. Excellent.

29 July 2006

angstslashhope : Spn : On The Banks Of The Tiber : fic

by Olivia
Dean is sick, and Sam makes a decision. This is a theme very close to my heart. The beginning is a little dry, was difficult for me to really get into, but it eventually pays off. Very interesting, sad. A horror story, and a love story.

25 July 2006

angstslashope : Spn/BdS : Bro-yay : vid

by Olivia
Not a vid so much as an.. art.. project.. thing. Supernatural clips side-by-side with Boondock Saints clips, and the effect is rather humorous, and also, smokin' hot because DUH.

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