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May 2007

'American Idol' sent home its best when it said bye to Melinda Doolittle

by vacelts (via)
Simon Cowell was visibly disappointed when results of the semifinals were announced on American Idol Wednesday. Melinda Doolittle, the most consistent and versatile contestant this season, has been sent home.

March 2007

Sundance Head The Bob Seager of American Idol Gone!

by swampfox
Sundance Head !Sundance,who could be the next Bob Seager.Sundance who could be compared to Meatloaf Bat out of Hell is voted off by

January 2007

Paula Abdul and Jewel Not Harmonious

by bouilloire
Ce que je ne comprends pas c'est comment Jewel a pu se retrouver embarquée la-dedans (en dehors de la perspective d'un gros chèque bien-sûr).

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