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Magnatune: we are not evil (independant record label) | Full album streaming

by garret & 22 others
Stream or download music in MP3 format (no DRM) without charge before choosing whether to buy or not. (The MP3s available for free download have a small spoken word tag that mentions Magnatune appended to them.) [Wikipedia]



by simon de lorgeril
Bonsoir Rhoda scott et autres vedettes du même acabit!Superbe programmation sur cette radio.A noter que le site Ionosphere dispose également d'un bouquet de radios musicales. RECOMMANDE PAR JAZZETAILLEURS:


by simon de lorgeril & 2 others
Bonsoir Tout est dans le titre.En tous cas en ce qui concerne le style musical de cette radio.Pour le reste,le site en lui-même,il semble avoir été mis en sommeil depuis un moment.Mais la musique ,elle,est bien là.et sacrément bonne RECOMMANDE PAR JAZZETAILLEURS:

Bleepwatch | The Netlabel Blog

by garret
Tracks from netlabels organized by genre: Abstract (28), Acid (8), Acoustic (14), Alternative (8), Ambient (121), Breakbeat (14), Breakcore (8), Chiptune (29), Classical (3), Compilation (59), Downtempo (27), Drone (14), Drum & Bass (15), Dub (35), Electro (56), Electronica (34), Experimental (104), Field Recording (9), Funk (1), Glitch (27), Hardcore (1), Hip Hop (6), House (28), IDM (47), Improvisation (34), Industrial (13), Jazz (13), Jungle (1), Live (19), Lofi (10), Metal (2), Minimal (80), News (13), Noise (58), Noise Rock (1), Post-Rock (8), Punk (3), Rap (1), Soundscape (16), Soundtrack (1), Synthpop (1), Techhouse (16), Techno (77), Trance (9), Trip-hop (4), Uncategorized (208), Unreleased (1)

Dust | Chillout Partytunes aus Aachen

by giselher
Die Aachener Downtempo-Band Dust präsentiert einen bunten Stilmix von House Beats mit Hardrockgitarren, Downtempo bis Funky, Klaviersonaten mit Hip-Hop Beats…und erreichen damit ein erstaunliches Phänomen: bei wohltemperierter Lautstärke findet man sich gemütlich in einem Sofa in der Chillout Lounge um die Ecke wieder, bei steigenden Dezibeln schleichen sich die Beatsjedoch unweigerlich in die Hüften…get ready to party!

Radio Horyzont - chillout , ambient , downtempo , nu jazz , trip-hop

by simon de lorgeril
Bonsoir Décidément on écoute vraiment de la bonne musique à l'est de l'europe.En Pologne si j'ai bien compris. RECOMMANDE PAR JAZZETAILLEURS:

SomaFM: Recently Played Tracks

by Tetsuo6995
Groove Salad: A nicely chilled plate of ambient beats and grooves.


shopsonic | ambient music | worldwide mail order and downloads.

by garret
"Shopsonic is the new dedicated e-commerce site for FARFIELD Records. We specialise in ambient, chillout, electronica and trance music. We pride ourselves on maintaining a perfect balance between old classic albums and cutting edge material from new artists. We spend hours every day looking for new music to bring you! We offer free shipping anywhere in the world, for most music CDs, if the order value is over 30 GBP."

Radio Dub |

by Fluctuat (via)
Une radio pour arpenter les voies inexplorées de ce genre musical et accompagnée de d'un dossier histoire du dub (Keith Hudson, Horace Andy, Mad Professor, Zenzile, Elephant System, Inner Circle, Trojan All Stars, Lee Scratch Perry...)

Even, le groupe (Even the band)

by lagoon
Site du groupe ambiance rock Even. Son original, style propre et ambiance unique pour ce petit groupe qui monte! -- ambient rock band Even's web site. Original sound, own style and unik ambient for this little band that grows up!

Histoire de l'ambient

by Fluctuat (via)
Défini par Brian Eno comme une musique d'ambiance, l'ambient a depuis grandi avec la réputation d'une mélodie d'accompagnement à la fumette. Quand elle n'est pas reléguée comme un sous-genre de la techno. Pour en finir avec les préjugés, un zoom s'impose sur cette définition.


NEBULO -Hymen-records 2008

by nebulo
¥768 nebulo. avutma. cd. september2k8 tracklist: lactoz pill *.mp3 liminal *.mp3 p *.mp3 evice / revengine *.mp3 accident *.mp3 stramir *.mp3 kido / pause *.mp3 substeel animal *.mp3 limbes / coton-poudre *.mp3 videogamma *.mp3 trembledoux / varia p *.mp3 sirenavutma *.mp3 avutma is the latest release by nebulo after the album kolia, two remixes for architect and hecq, and even freely available nebulo ringtones. the outstanding french artist thomas p. with this cd has created a closed opus that might be seen as a concept album in which the listener has to decide what the concept is. nebulo's subtle approach forms a complex fictitious scenery by using seemingly minimal resources that are more visible than ever. electronically treated instruments like organ and piano, combined with synth layers and modified beats generate tempers that range from surreal to melancholic or even nearly frightening. listening to 'avutma' is like walking in a dimly lit basement never knowing what's behind the next curve, and who or what is actually casting these shadows on the walls... nebulo's trademark, a connection between ambience, idm, clicks'n'cuts and post-musique-concrète collages is presented here once again. as a reviewer wrote: "surreal dreamscapes painted with tears and sometimes even blood" - avutma might be the soundtrack of today's grand guignol. nebulo discography 09.2k8: kolia. cd. hymen records ¥753. 2006 avutma. cd. hymen records ¥768. 2008 nebulo websites: nebulo. kolia. cd. hymen records ¥753 tracklisting: 1. ant, 2. automnal, 3. dr-ill, 4. darkopale, 5. wen, 6. reverse, 7. mecaniduction, 8. klik me, 9. nebula, 10. siapese, 11. nokta, 12. mecalangue (remix by alix), 13. darkopale (remix by ginormous) biographical note: french composer thomas p. (age 25) started as a visual artist. he studied at two art schools and as a visual artist he sees himself more as a 'graphic illustrator' than as a painter. now he has decided to work seriously as a musician. his attendance of electro acoustic composition courses at the bordeaux conservatoire radically changed his musical point of view. of course he knew of artists such as the aphex twin but the classes introduced him to the academic world of musical avant-gardism. prior to these classed he would have called this music 'just noise'. thomas received his degree in 2005 when he completed his composition, 'mecalangue'. however, he has to finish two more compositions to finally get his diploma. music is also his daytime job as he works for a sound design agency. he creates sounds for different types of media (such as radio, software or web pages). eventually he hopes to be able to compose film soundtracks - especially since his interests are still in visual arts. thomas's early musical influences range from erik satie and beethoven to serge gainsbourg and the beatles. when he was 18, he discovered aphex twin, amon tobin and squarepusher - which turned him on to electronic music. at the age of 19 he started to make own music with a 4-track recorder and later with a computer. as an open-minded listener he also likes other styles - from post-rock to triphop to breakcore. his interests in movies and literature are, as he describes it 'a dark aesthetic': david lynch, david cronenberg, stanley kubrick, h.p. lovecraft, william s. burroughs, e.a. poe, franz kafka and more. working as a musician, thomas sees himself more as a 'composer' than as a 'performer'. his aim is to create music that elicits strong feelings and makes the listener's mind travel inside imaginary landscapes. on the other hand, he wants to keep his music outside the academic ivory tower - so he uses beats or memorable melodies within his compositions. listening to nebulo should be like experiencing a story - that is, both sweet, melancholic and violent. 'kolia' shows thomas's skills in the creation of moods - electronica as a skeletal structure, enriched with a large variety of rhythmic patterns; from slow downtempo beats to fast breaks. chords and harmonies make sure that the tunes are recognizable and unique. finally, the economical usage of samples in the musique concrete tradition complete nebulo's concept perfectly. this might be europe's response to well acknowledged acts like lusine icl or the late gridlock. especially if their sound was melted with the deep red flavour of an old bordeaux wine and the playfulness of french tin toys. nebulo website: hymen records · p.o. box 1257 · 93135 lappersdorf · germany [email protected] · ·

:: dub beautiful collective ::

by cascamorto
Dub Beautiful Collective is a production organization in San Francisco that presents live electronic music events. We believe that with the DJ most prominent in electronic music culture, it is imperative to present live electronic music performances to reacquaint us with the fact that people are making music. Dub Beautiful Radio is the online aural extension [and archive, to an extent] tp our goal to promote live electronic music. We record all of our shows, and stream the best recordings on this station, thanks to the good grace of all the artists. You will hear full sets that range from 1 to 3 hours, and we also have carved out smaller selections.. You will hear a very wide range of live electronic music: ambient, experimental, downtempo, IDM, nujazz, ethno, experimental hip hop, slow breaks, and mixtures

SomaFM: Drone Zone | Internet Radio

by garret
Drone Zone: Served best chilled, safe with most medications. Atmospheric textures with minimal beats.

Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast | Internet Radio

by garret & 2 others
"featuring a random cycling of some of the most sleep-worthy tracks ever created."

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