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Amazonia Security Agenda

by verane
Amazonia’s abundant natural resources underpin water, energy, food and health security for the people and economies of the region and far beyond. At the heart of this nexus of securities is water. So abundant in the region, but now under increasing threat as industrial and agricultural pollution increases, and extreme droughts reveal a once unthinkable water vulnerability.


"Il y a 60 groupes d'Indiens isolés en Amazonie"

by kooolman
"En survolant une zone de la forêt amazonienne brésilienne, proche de la frontière péruvienne, un avion de la Fondation nationale des Indiens (Funai) a photographié une communauté indienne isolée du reste du monde (lire : Images exclusives d'une tribu indienne isolée de tous). Les clichés montrent des huttes et quelques Indiens au corps peint, dont certains semblent décocher des flèches en direction de l'appareil. Analyse de Francois-Michel Le Tourneau, géographe au Centre de recherche et de documentation sur l'Amérique Latine (Credal/CNRS). "



by srcmax (via)
This is not a small region previewed here: this is millions of acres of trees that have been removed from the Amazonian rainforests and turned into houses and paper. The amount of devestation is so vast that you can easily see its extent from space. Scroll around and zoom in to see the scale of these logging operations.


BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Amazon destruction accelerating

by François-Paul (via)
26,000 sq km of forest were chopped down in the 12 months prior to August 2004

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