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24 May 2005

Learning more on Fundamental Art

by AkoZ°om
Yep it's on course, it's for some explanation on F-A. Let's it grow next , but any suggestions are welcomed, just try and keep it alive , that's the way for a next psycho-art ? abstract ? direct living art ?

Ako'Z on deviant- art _ criticism

by AkoZ°om
just next is that young gallery, oh so many sketches of youngsters there...what's am i doing here ? yep what ? criticizing, watching, learning, teaching ?

Gallery of Fundamental-Art

by AkoZ°om
There it is done, but online is to test it real; keep an eye on it as it will grow next, with akozoom art and other Fundamental-artists...

21 April 2005

galerie of leader of Fundamental-Art

by AkoZ°om
just some paintings, drawings, infographism from AkoZ°om, creator of the new way of communicating: with Fundamental-Art...not the old ones, but an other way...

categorized ways and thoughts from AkoZ°om

by AkoZ°om
When you need to give a new era to our human world, come there to find new thoughts and ways with technologies and arts to make our future be welcome for also us, but to our everywhere children... first based in french but translated easily directly. AkoZ°om is a generated artist-architect trying to make his globo-society projects realized.

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