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May 2010

Kiri-otoshi, Suri-otoshi, Suri-age

by Takwann
Aikido tactics are grounded in sword tactics. Here the tactic of Object Displacement is used as a calibration device geared toward cultivating a harmony between one’s Angle of Deviation and one’s Angle of Deflection.

March 2010

YouTube - Bokken Techniques Obata

by Takwann
One Man teaching a man another man swordsmanship kinda cool a bit long though Don't know where I got this

YouTube - Basic Aikido Tools : Aikido Jo Weapon Handling Tips

by Takwann
In Aikido a Jo is a long staff that is used for spearing, hitting or deflecting a strike from an opponent. Learn tips from an Aikido expert on how to hold and use this weapon properly. Expert: Cliff Derdeyn Bio: Cliff Derdeyn has been involved in Japanese internal and martial arts for 26 years. He has studied sword work under Japanese sword master, Tetsuzan Kuroda. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

November 2009

Jo 31 kata in 4 directions

by Takwann
The 31 jo kata often practiced by aikidoka, is normally done in two directions - most movements to the front, and a few to the back. In my dojo, we got the idea of making it shiho, four directions, like most kata with that many movements are in other budo. It's fun for a change. Try it out, if you like - and if the photos and video clips are clear enough to figure out the movements. If not, then why don't you find out your own way of doing it? The photos were taken by Patrik Orth in Zlin. The video clips were filmed by Johnny Petersen at Enighet dojo in Malmö.

YouTube - Aikido instruction; 31 jo kata

by Takwann
This video shows the 31 jo kata from 3 angles and the footwork in detail. The kata is executed by Lewis Bernaldo de Quiros (rokudan), chief instructor of TAKN. This is an instructional video made by Takemusu Aikido Kyokai Nederland.

September 2009

Dailymotion - Stage Iaido Aikido Michel Prouveze - une vidéo Amis et Famille

by Takwann (via)
Interview de Michel Prouvèze, 5ème Dan Aikikai, 4ème Dan de Iaido durant un stage basé sur les relations Aikido-Iaido, de la pratique des armes, à la pratique mains nues. Cet entretien a eu lieu à Waziers dans le nord, le 5 novembre, lors d'un stage organisé par la Ligue Flandre Artois d'Aikido de la Féderation Française d'Aikido Budo Aikikai de France.

January 2009

December 2008

AIKIBATTO aikido sword exercises - Aikiken

by Takwann
Aikibatto is a system of sword exercises, both Aikiken style bokken with partner and iaido style solo training with iaito or shinken, for learning how to handle the sword in an aiki way.

YouTube - Principes d'aïkido - Malcolm Tiki Shewan (Trailer)

by Takwann
Dans ce film, Tiki Shewan sensei présente des techniques de base de bokken (kesagiri, kiriage, kirikaeshi, etc.) appliquées aux mouvements de taijutsu. Il explique aussi l'importance d'une posture juste (shizentai) ainsi que d'une prise correcte de garde (kamae).

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