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Android Apps: Easy Envelope Budget Aid

by alamat (via)
EEBA (the Easy Envelope Budget Aid) keeps you on budget with virtual envelopes! EEBA is a personal/household finance app for money management and budget tracking.



by 4004 (via)
An education movement empowering poor children from slums, urban poor communities and villages of INDIADRISHYA


HDtv film Thailand

by springnet
In an Indiana Jones meets Mother Teresa adventure, three eccentric middle-aged men - former soldiers and modern-day knights - travel the world delivering life-saving humanitarian aid directly into the hands of civilians and doctors.

Dani Rodrik's weblog

by wrijneveld
leading economist who is critical of neoliberalism

Directory of College Preparatory Resources.

by novia
Online Directory for college preparator y resources, test prep courses, tutorials, and aids. Admission test preparation resources including the SAT, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and TOEFL. 


Cultuur en ontwikkeling: een missie in het eigene? / Thema's / Home - Vice Versa - Vakblad Ontwikkelingssamenwerking

by wrijneveld
kritisch artikel over de onderbelichte rol van cultuur en de paternalistische verwaarlozing van eigenheid in ontwikkelingswerk

SNV Forms - Introduction

by wrijneveld
a number of practical reference guides - authentic christian lifestyle

by wrijneveld
dit is een erg goede christelijke site over wat je kunt doen om de wereld eerlijker, duurzamer en rechtvaardiger te maken.

The proposal to put hungry people on a diet!

by sabbah
If Palestinians are going to be required to renounce violence — as they should be — shouldn’t Israel also be required to renounce violence, and to stop building settlements and walls on Palestinian territory? Rather than belittling others for allegedly failing to grasp our “democratic concepts,” we could begin by showing we grasp these concepts ourselves.


ECHO - Humanitarian Aid Department of the European Commission

by christian55
The European Union as a whole (i.e., the 25 Member States and the Commission) is one of the world's main humanitarian aid donors; the Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) is the service of the European Commission responsible for this activity. The purpose of this website is to get across the message that people are our priority. Every month we have an eye-witness account from one of our operations in the field. We are also giving precedence to photos and multimedia documents; for instance, you can view here a video presenting ECHO.

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