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Scout toujours !

by astrochoupe
La fameuse règle des boy-scouts (« The Boy Scout Rule ») qui se résume en une phrase : « Toujours laisser un endroit dans un état meilleur que celui où vous l’avez trouvé ». : mise en pratique


Barre Verte ! | Notes de développeurs sur le logiciel, le design, l'agilité, l'open source, les mobiles, linux…

by jpcaruana (via)
Notes de développeurs sur le logiciel, le design, l'agilité, l'open source, les mobiles, linux…



Gojko Adzic » Announcing Trinidad: In-process test runner for FitNesse wiki pages

by jpcaruana (via)
Trinidad is an in-process test runner for FitNesse tests. Here are some nice things you can do with it: * run fitnesse fit and slim tests without starting the server as part of your build * run fitnesse tests from JUnit within your IDE * debug and troubleshoot fitnesse fixtures as if you were working with unit tests * easily include fitnesse acceptance tests into your build (through JUnit) * easily run tests in transactions and roll back after each test (with Spring)


Introduction to the Diagrams of UML 2.0

by sdaclin & 2 others
Description synthétique des diagrammes UML2


Groovy - Home

by jpcaruana & 11 others
Groovy ... * is an agile and dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine * builds upon the strengths of Java but has additional power features inspired by languages like Python, Ruby and Smalltalk * makes modern programming features available to Java developers with almost-zero learning curve * supports Domain Specific Languages and other compact syntax so your code becomes easy to read and maintain * makes writing shell and build scripts easy with its powerful processing primitives, OO abilities and an Ant DSL * increases developer productivity by reducing scaffolding code when developing web, GUI, database or console applications * simplifies testing by supporting unit testing and mocking out-of-the-box * seamlessly integrates with all existing Java objects and libraries * compiles straight to Java bytecode so you can use it anywhere you can use Java

Architecte Junior J2EE chez Valtech

by jpcaruana
Vos principales missions sont : • Participation à la conception d’architecture de systèmes utilisant les technologies Java, • Encadrer des développeurs, • Mettre en place des frameworks innovants du marché, • Auditer des applications existantes, • Participer à des études comparatives de technologies du marché, • Mettre en œuvre les méthodes agiles sur des projets,, • Présenter et expliquer à vos collaborateurs vos choix techniques, votre façon de faire.


by jpcaruana & 1 other (via)
Sonar is a continuous quality control tool for Java applications. Its basic purpose in life is to join your existing continuous integration tools to place all your development projects under quality control.

Napkin Look & Feel

by Regis & 2 others (via)
This look&feel for java makes a swing application looks like it was scrawled on a napkin. Very useful for mockup. Because it looks like a sketch, people don't pay too much attention to details in the appearance.


InfoQ: Tracking change and innovation in the enterprise software development community

by Regis & 11 others (via)
A selection of articles in the entreprise software factory. Reminds of TheServerSide in the early days.

Continuous Integration with Continuum

by nmoreau
"Integrate early, integrate often." This is the underlying principle of continuous integration, a powerful development practice recently brought into the spotlight by the Agile methodologies. Apache Continuum is a flexible, easy-to-use tool that can help you put continuous integration into action. In this article, we will go through the basic principals of continuous integration, and then focus on how we can use Continuum to set up a continuous integration server. We will cover installing and configuring the server and setting up a particular project, including how to check the project status and receive build failure notification in various ways

Joseph Bergin - Home Page

by jpcaruana & 1 other
très bons tuto et infos de ce prof de l'université de NYC

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