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InfoQ: REST and transactions?

by nhoizey
[...] there seems to be no clear answer to whether or not (extended) transactions really do fit in a REST world. However, it does seem conclusive that many people believe they need them for one reason or another.


The Acid Sweat Lodge

by smvisuals
the inception of the acid sweat lodge. "Organized for the increase and dissemination of outsider knowledge"


by nhoizey & 4 others
La musique 8 bits, vous connaissez ? Non ? Voilà un bon moyen pour découvrir et se faire une idée...


Caches of nitric acid seized in Baghdad

by denmx
BAGHDAD - U.S. troops said yesterday that they had found two large caches of nitric acid a highly corrosive substance with chemical weapons potential in abandoned houses used by Sunni insurgents in western Baghdad.Other chemically laced bombs used in terrorist attacks recently have been spiked with chlorine.


Virgin Coconut Oil|Coconut Oil |VCO

by meyli
It's all about virgin coconut oil, coconut oil, vco, lauric acid, monolaurin and fatty acid

MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 13.4.7 XA Transactions

by ddelangle (via)
A global transaction involves several actions that are transactional in themselves, but that all must either complete successfully as a group, or all be rolled back as a group. In essence, this extends ACID properties “up a level” so that multiple ACID transactions can be executed in concert as components of a global operation that also has ACID properties. (However, for a distributed transaction, you must use the SERIALIZABLE isolation level to achieve ACID properties. It is enough to use REPEATABLE READ for a non-distributed transaction, but not for a distributed transaction.)

Acid2 - Rows 4 and 5 AKA Opera passes the Acid2 test!

by jackysee (via)
現在市場上最多人用的兩個 browser 還未 pass ACID~~



by Marine

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