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Siber İstihbarat Tanımı ve Faaliyet Alanı

by hothot
Siber İstihbarat; hedef ülkenin siber uzaydaki altyapısını teşkil eden cihazlar, kablolar, enerji üreticileri, internet servis sağlayıcıları, sunucular vb. ile siber saldırı, siber istihbarat faaliyetlerinde bulunacak ya da siber savunma yapacak olan teknokratların, görevlilerin nitelik ve nicelik gibi özellikleri hakkında bilgi elde edilmesi ve değerlendirilmesidir.


Star Academy Lebanon ستار اكاديمي 5

by onlinepokergame (via)
ها هم اسماء 20 مشترك ، على عكس المواسم السابقة. ستار اكاديمي 5 يجمع اكبر عدد من المرشحين هذه السنة ، ورولا سعد اعلنت انهم حقا مميّزين هذه السنة ، مؤهلين جدا. كلهم تقريبا يعزفون على آلات موسيقية. هذه هي الأسماء: Here are the name of the 20 Star Academy 5 contestants on LBC LEBANON, unlike the preceding seasons, Star Academy 5 hold the most number of candidates, and Rola Saad declared they are truly special this year, very well qualified. Almost all of them play on musical instruments and either had a music career or a music dream


Starfleet Academy Hackits - Hack the Hackit online!!!

by maxxyme
Welcome to the Independent Starfleet Academy Training Center for Internet Security (ISATCIS)

Networking Academy

by bl100bec
Reviews and recent news. Information on networking academy.


Paradise Now, Wins!

by sabbah
They say: “If you made a bad film, you made it alone. If you made a good film, you all made it.” And that’s what “Paradise now” did. A good film by all means! The film won more than the academy award. Won the hearts of the millions who saw it. Won the position that it was placed in. Won the controversy around it and it’s message reaching out. Won the media coverage given to Palestine and the Palestinians and spotting the light on the Israeli occupation. Won the sympathy and understanding of the world.

Israel lobbies against "Palestine" tag at Oscars

by sabbah
Israeli and U.S. diplomats and Jewish groups are lobbying organisers of next month’s Academy Awards not to present a nominated film (Paradise Now) about Palestinian bombers as coming from Palestine, an Israeli newspaper reports.


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