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November 2006

LeisureArts: Some context for Concept Trucking

by jlesage
"practice engaged with various forms of ephemeral, convivial, and quotidian cultural production"

Dialogic: Giorgio Agamben: Means Without Ends

by jlesage
a collection of ideas from Agamben that summarizes some of his key ideas; blog from "a dialogic provocateur searching for viable alternative/oppositional cultures." Much on film; many links.

October 2006

Swarming Media

by jlesage
blog that give good reports on conferences and reviews of books, often on digital culture


by jlesage
well written, much about pedagogy and digital culture, blogging

WRT: Writer Response Theory

by jlesage & 1 other
"exploration of digital character art — any art involving electrons and making use of letters, alphanumerics, or other characters in an interesting way"


by jlesage
blog about relation between hypertext theory and theories of authorship


by jlesage & 1 other
"Tech should make teaching easier and more effective, not harder and more frustrating."

Main Page - AcademicBlogs

by jlesage & 1 other
A wiki about academic blogs, with links to blogs in each academic area of study

Long Sunday

by jlesage
culture and theory blog with a progressive politics; well written


by jlesage
The "about" page for a blog on posthegemony. Author also comments succinctly on books, Latin America, film and television.


by jlesage
"A blog about digital rhetoric that asks the burning questions about electronic bureaucracy and institutional subversion on the Internet." Well-written, points to developments in the arts and on the web that otherwise might go unnoticed.

virtualpolitik: Who Will Be Voted Off the Island?

by jlesage
a review of Jenkins' "Convergence Culture" that covers some of the main topics in current New Media scholarship

Steve Bussey's Blog: "Interpreting Popular Culture" Course

by jlesage
Blogger describes course, including a bibliography of exciting readings.

September 2006

Queers and Theory

by jlesage
a class blog, fall 06. We'll see where it goes.

Teaching Carnival

by jlesage
blog entries around a specific set of questions about teaching in higher education; collected and commented on at regular intervals by a "host" blogger

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